Ernst Jäckh papers 1908-1921


Ernst Jäckh papers 1908-1921

The papers consist of correspondence, reports, and other material relating to political and diplomatic affairs in Turkey and the Middle East from 1908 to 1921, particularly in relation to interests of the German Foreign Office in that area. Papers of the naval attache Hans Humann form the bulk of the material. Included are his correspondence with Ernst Jäckh (1911-1918) and reports from Constantinople (1914-1916), many in the form of telegrams and extracts of official correspondence, to the chiefs of the German admiralty and of the naval administration. Humann, friend and foster brother of Enver Pasha, was in contact with him regarding Turkish national and international issues. Enver Pasha's letters from the Tripolitanian war (1912-1913) and a draft of his unpublished autobiography accompany these papers. Other papers include the Grand Vizier Talât Pasha's unpublished autobiography as well as some correspondence with Ernst Jäckh; Baron Oppenheim's designs for the Holy War of the Islamic world from India to Morocco, 1915; information about native Moslems used by the German Intelligence Service; the "Armenian Massacres" of 1915-1917, as reported to the German Ambassador, Baron Wangenheim, in Constantinople, by observers in Asia Minor, and by him to the Foreign Office in Berlin; and a collection of political posters of the Young Turkish Revolution of 1908.

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