Thomas Howard Ruger papers 1844-1958 1878-1907


Thomas Howard Ruger papers, 1844-1958, 1878-1907

Thomas Howard Ruger papers 1844-1958 1878-1907

The papers consist of correspondence, documents, printed material, and maps that document the military career and personal life of United States Army general Thomas Howard Ruger, focusing on his years in Montana, the Dakotas, and California (1879-1897). Correspondence and records document actions taken by Army and other government personnel to track Ghost Dance practitioners (including Kicking Bear) and to quell this religious movement. The papers also document Ruger's and others' reactions to the death of Sitting Bull and to the Wounded Knee Massacre. Other military papers document Ruger's leadership of national organizations such as the Military Service Institution. Personal papers document Ruger's family life and travels. Four cloth maps document geographic details of Sioux reservations in North and South Dakota, and the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre

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