Sonneborn Family Collection 1978-2001 bulk 1994-2001


Sonneborn Family Collection 1978-2001 bulk 1994-2001

The Sonneborn Family Collection is comprised of the genealogical and biographical research of Charles BehrendSonneborn on the Sonneborn and related families, especially the Behrend family. Included are copies of his writings, family trees, various research material and photographs of familygravestones.






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Behrend family (family)

Sonneborn, Charles Behrend, 1931- (person)

The town of Breidenbach in Hessen was apparently settled by the Sonneborn family around the 12th century. Following the decree of Napoleon that insisted all citizens take surnames, some family members took Rosenthal, some Stern, and others took Sonneborn. There appear to be several stories pertaining to how the Sonneborn family received its surname. The first individual recorded to use this name in Breidenbach was Aaron Loew (Arjeh); his children included Feibel and Uri. ...

Sonneborn, R. G. (Rudolf Goldschmidt), b. 1898 (person)

Philip W. Lown (1890-1976) Philip W. Lown was born in Lithuania in 1890, which was then occupied by Russia, on the seventh day of Hanukah. When he was eleven, he attended a rabbinical school in Vilna. At the age of fourteen or fifteen he participated in the Russian Revolution in Lithuania in which he protested the czar and risked the brutality of the Cossacks in 1905. After the Revolution was crushed, he needed to escape the social unrest and poor living conditions so he...

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Sonneborn family (family)