Eduard Rudnicki Collection 1907-1977 bulk 1922-1977


Eduard Rudnicki Collection, 1907-1977, bulk 1922-1977

Eduard Rudnicki Collection 1907-1977 bulk 1922-1977

This collection documents the life of Eduard Rudnicki, also known as Eli Rottner, a follower and friend of ConstantinBrunner. Throughout his life he was devoted to spread Brunner's and Spinoza's philosophy. This collection shows not only his personal and intellectual life, but exposes hisrelationship to Brunner, to the Brunner circle and the Internationaal Constantin Brunner Instituut in The Hague. Correspondence between Rudnicki and Brunner and several other knownBrunnerians are included, as well as a large amount of manuscripts and newspaper clippings written by Rudnicki and others about and dedicated to Constantin Brunner and Baruch deSpinoza. There is also a photo collection of Rudnicki, Brunner and his circle to be found.







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Eduard Rudnicki, better known as Eli Rottner, was born on March 8, 1898 in Stryj, East Galicia. From the age of 8 until the age of 16 he was living in Kolomea and left this town and his parents for Vienna in 1910. He was fighting in World War I from 1916-1918 as a soldier on the Austrian side. In 1918, he returned to Kolomea with his troop which was demobilized there in November of the same year. His friend Schlomo Ball introduced Rudnicki to the Jewish Zionist youth org...

Brunner, Constantin, 1862-1937 (person)

Constantin Brunner Constantin Brunner (actually named Leo Wertheimer) was born in Altona, Germany on August 27, 1862, the grandson of Rabbi Akiba Wertheimer. He studied at the Jewish Teachers Seminary in Cologne and at the Universities in Berlin and Freiburg 1893-95 with Leo Berg (later Otto Ernst), publisher of the periodical The Observer in Hamburg. Brunner lived since 1895 as an independent academic with his family in Berlin; 1913-30 in Potsdam and after l933 in exile...

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Werfel had met Landauer earlier in 1915 when, on the invitation of Martin Buber, Werfel met in Berlin with Buber, Landauer and Max Scheler, who had together formed a secret anti-militarist group. From the description of Correspondence to Franz Werfel, 1915. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155863758 Born in Karlsruhe in 1870, Landauer was a philosopher, literary critic, Shakespeare scholar, and anarchist-socialist writer and politician. In November 1...

Rottner, Eli (person)

Kasch, Magdalena (person)

Constantin-Brunner-Stiftung (corporateBody)

Hausner, Gideon, 1915-1990 (person)

Internationaal-Constantin-Brunner-Instituut (corporateBody)

Spinoza, Benedictus ˜deœ 1632-1677 (person)