Bernard C. EhrenreichPapers undated,1871-1971


Bernard C. EhrenreichPapers undated,1871-1971

The Papers of BernardCalonius Ehrenreich, a Rabbi and civic leader in Montgomery, Alabama, documenthis life and rabbinate over seven decades and highlights his involvment in abroad range of organizations and activities. The collection is valuable tothose researching topics such as Zionism; Progressivism; boys' camps;Montgomery, Alabama's Jewish community; Christian-Jewish relations in theSouth; and soldiers' correspondence from World War I and World War II. Inaddition, Ehrenreich's involvment in organizations such as the National JewishWelfare Board; National American Woman Suffrage Association; IntercollegiateMenorah Association; Federation of American Zionists; and Zeta Beta TauFraternity are documented within the collection as well as postcards displayingvarious Jewish images.







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