MS 14305, Smith, Hyrum 1800-1844. Hyrum Smith papers 1834-1843


MS 14305, Smith, Hyrum 1800-1844. Hyrum Smith papers 1834-1843

MS 14305, Smith, Hyrum 1800-1844. Hyrum Smith papers 1834-1843

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Williams, Frederick G. (Frederick Granger), 1787-1842 (person)

Parrish, Warren Farr 1803-1877 (person)

Thompson, Robert Blashell 1811-1841 (person)

Smith, Joseph, Sr., 1771-1840 (person)

Joseph Smith Senior (1771-1840) was born in Massachusetts and married Lucy Mack in 1795. Among his eleven children was the founder of the LDS Church, Joseph Smith Junior. Being plagued by crop failures in Vermont, Smith moved his family to upstate New York where the birth of the Latter-day Saint movement began. In late 1833, Joseph Smith Junior called upon his father to become the first presiding patriarch of the LDS Church. Patriarchal blessings often state an individual's particular talents an...

Smith, Hyrum, 1800-1844 (person)

Letter written by Hyrum Smith and signed for Joseph Smith from Nauvoo, Illinois, to Oliver Granger. Smith writes of a Mr. Devenport from New York who brought a judgement in favor of Boynton & Hyde, and urges Granger to pay the "just" debt. He also writes of the deaths of D.C. Smith and Robert B. Thompson from "quick consumption", mentions Brother Phelps and Hiram Kimball, and describes drought conditions. Smith concludes by writing "this is an Eventful Period...A day of Darkness...what ever ...

Cleminson, John James 1798-1879 (person)

Dayton, Hiram, 1798-1881 (person)

Smith, Jerusha Barden, 1805-1837 (person)

Jerusha Barden Smith (1805-1837) married Hyrum Smith in 1826 and bore him six children. She was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by David Whitmer in 1830. Jerusha Barden Smith was born February 15, 1805 in Norfolk, Connecticut, to Seth and Sarah Barden. She (or the family) moved to Greene, New York, by 1820. She married Hyrum Smith on November 2, 1826 in Manchester, New York, after which they moved to Palmyra. The marriage produced six...

Owings, James F. (person)

Smith, Don Carlos, 1816-1841 (person)

Cowdery, Elizabeth Ann Whitmer, 1815-1892 (person)

Smith, Samuel Harrison, 1808-1844 (person)

A brother to the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith (1805-1844), a Mormon missionary, and one of the "Eight Witnesses" to the Book of Mormon. From the description of Diaries, 1831-1863. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 145435161 Mormon missionary, one of the "Eight Witnesses" to the Book of Mormon, and brother of the first president of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith (1805-1844). From the description of Samuel Harrison Smith diary, 1831-1833. (Unknown). WorldCat record i...

Slitor, Truman G. 1809-1891 (person)

Cowdery, Oliver (person)

Oliver Cowdery was born on October 3, 1806 in Wells, Vermont, the son of William Jr. and Rebecca Fuller Cowdery. While teaching in Palmyra, New York during the winter of 1828-29, Cowdery stayed with the family of Joseph Smith (1805-1844). It was during this time that Cowdery first heard of the visions of Smith and the Golden Plates. After meeting with Smith, Cowdery came to believe in the validity of his visions and agreed to help Smith transcribe the Book of Mormon. As a witness to the Book of ...

Richards, Willard, 1804-1854 (person)

Richards was member of Council of the Twelve Apostles (1840-1847), Church Historian, and second counselor in First Presidency (1847-1854). From the guide to the MS 1490 Willard Richards journals 1836-1853 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Church History Library) Second president of the Mormon Church. From the guide to the Brigham Young letter, 1849, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections) Mormon Church leader, pioneer, apostle, politician, and cou...

Smith, Mary Fielding, 1801-1852 (person)

Wife of the second patriarch of the Mormon Church, Hyrum Smith. From the description of Certificate, 1844. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 145434945 Wife of Hyrum Smith. From the guide to the MS 2779 Mary Fielding Smith collection circa 1832-1848 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Church History Library) ...

Wells, Daniel H. (Daniel Hanmer), 1814-1891 (person)

Apostle in the Mormon Church and an emigration agent for Mormons in Great Britain. From the description of Statement, 1865. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122351692 Wells was an important Mormon church authority and civic leader of Utah. He was an apostle in that church, served as the mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, and was the commander of the Utah Militia. From the description of Daniel H. Wells temple records, 1867-1932. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122552491...

Smith, Joseph, jr., 1805-1844 (person)

First president of the Mormon Church and mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois. From the description of Arrest warrant, 1842. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 367395229 First president of the Mormon Church and Illinois militia leader. From the description of Letter, 1843. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 145435774 Founder of the Mormon Church and its first president. From the description of Diaries, 1832-1844. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122609014 ...

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