James Branch Cabell Collection 1918-1954


James Branch Cabell Collection, 1918-1954

James Branch Cabell Collection 1918-1954


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Thomas Caldecot Chubb was born in East Orange, New Jersey, the son of insurance exective Herndon Chubb and his wife, Alice Lee Chubb. He was educated at St. Paul's School and at Yale College, receiving his BA in 1922. It was at Yale that he achieved his first literary successes. His poetry collection, The White God and Other Poems, was published in the Yale Younger Poets series in 1920, and his poem Kyrdoon was the Yale University Prize Poem in 1921. Although he served i...

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Authority on children's literature, editor, author, and literary critic, Becker was a contributing editor to the book section of the New York Herald Tribune and to Scholastic Magazine. For further biographical information, see American Women, 1935-1936 (1935). From the description of Letter, 1927. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007142 May Lamberton Becker (1873-1958) was a writer of the "Books" column in the New York Herald Tribune. From the descrip...

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American author. From the description of Typed letter signed : South Harwich, Mass., to Stark Young, 1934 Sept. 2. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270874880 ...

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Instructor in English. Shipley was an alumnus of City College, Class of 1912. From the description of Papers, 1917-1939. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155503988 ...

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Alfred Francis Goldsmith was born in Atlantic City, N.J. and studied at the University of Pennsylvania. He opened his shop, At the Sign of the Sparrow, in the Gramercy Park area of New York City in the early 1920s. His primary interests were Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allen Poe, and Walt Whitman. Goldsmith helped Carolyn Wells acquire her major collection of Whitmaniana, which she later left to the Library of Congress. Their descriptive bibliography of Whitman's works appeared in 1922. We...

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Cabell, James Branch, 1879-1958

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Richmond author James Branch Cabell (1879-1958) is best known for his controversial Jurgen (1919), one of several ironic fantasies he wrote that took place in the mythical medieval world of Poictesme (Pwa- tem). Jurgen, laced with erotic overtones, was considered pornographic by some, and a trial over its content brought the reclusive writer national fame. Throughout the 1920s, Cabell was highly regarded by his literary peers -- H.L. Mencken, Sinclair Lewis, and others praised his works. His med...

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