Jay and Si-Lan Chen Leyda Papers and Photographs Bulk, 1930-1980 1913-1987, bulk 1930-1980


Jay and Si-Lan Chen Leyda Papers and Photographs Bulk, 1930-1980 1913-1987, bulk 1930-1980

Jay Leyda (1910-1988) was a leading film historian, filmmaker, photographer, archivist, translator, teacher, and noted Sergei Eisenstein, Emily Dickinson and Herman Melville scholar. Leyda studied directing with Sergei Eisenstein at the Moscow State Film School, became a correspondent for and , and was an art critic for the . In 1936, Leyda was Assistant Curator of Films the Museum of Modern Art, but resigned amidst allegations that he was a subversive agent. Leyda went to Hollywood in 1942 where he was a technical advisor on films on Russian subjects and began work on Herman Melville documents which led to a number of books on the subject. In 1973, Leyda became professor of Cinema Studies at NYU. He died in 1988. His wife, Si Lan Chen Leyda (1909- ), was a modern dancer who pioneered the use of Chinese dance elements. Si-Lan Chen was born in Trinidad and attended the Bolshoi Ballet School and Vera Maya's school in Moscow where she met and married Leyda. Throughout the late 1930s and early 1940s, she toured and worked in Hollywood as a choreographer and dance instructor, and occasionally appeared in films. The collection includes their biographical material, correspondence, writings, and material pertaining to their various pursuits. Theatre Arts Monthly New Theatre Moscow News

17.5 linear feet; in 33 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize flat box, and 2 folders

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Jay Leyda (1910-1988) was a leading film historian, best known for his work on Soviet cinema and director Sergei Eisenstein, and on Chinese cinema. He was also a film maker, photographer, archivist, translator, professor of cinema studies at New York University, and was also noted for his Emily Dickinson and Herman Melville scholarship. His wife, Si Lan Chen Leyda (1909- ) was a modern dancer who pioneered the use of Chinese dance elements. Jay Leyda was born on February...