Florida State University Faculty Senate Minutes October 7, 1905-October 18, 2006


Florida State University Faculty Senate Minutes, October 7, 1905-October 18, 2006

Florida State University Faculty Senate Minutes October 7, 1905-October 18, 2006

Minutes of the Florida State University Faculty Senate and its predecessor organizations, including reports of standing committees, special committees, and sub-committees.



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Rogers, William H.

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Game, Josiah Bethea, 1869-1935

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Popper, Annie M. T.

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Florida State College for Women. Campus Defense Council

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In 1905, Through the Buckman Act, The State Legislature established a school for male students in Gainesville, and a school for female students in Tallahassee, which was named the Florida Female College, and in 1909 was renamed the Florida State College for Women (FSCW). In 1946 a branch of the University of Florida opened a school for 500 men in Tallahassee at Dale Mabry Field (a former Army installation), and in 1947 the name of FSCW was changed to Florida State University, & became coeduc...

Moore, Coyle E. 1900-

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DeGraff, Mark H., 1890-1957

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Smith, Elmer

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Longmire, Rowena

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D'Alemberte, Talbot Sandy, 1933-

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Dodd, William George

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William George Dodd was born in Waynesville, Ohio, on April 9, 1874. He received his A.B. degree from Bethany College in 1893, and A.M. in 1908, and a Ph. D. in English Literature in 1911, both from Harvard University. He was appointed in 1910 as professor of English at Florida State College for Women, teaching classes mainly in Chaucer and Shakespeare. In 1913, he was appointed as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, a post which he held until his retirement in 1944. ...

Dorman, Olivia N.

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Lick, Dale W.

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Florida State University. Faculty Senate.

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The Faculty Senate Minutes document the deliberations of Florida State University's teaching faculty and activities at Florida State University (FSU) from the beginning of the 20th Century, when FSU was the Florida Female College (1905-1909) and the Florida State College for Women (FSCW, 1909-1947), through the post-World War II years, when it greatly expanded and became FSU, a co-educational institution. Since 1947, the Faculty Senate's major function has been to "formulate measures for the mai...

Wetherell, Thomas K., 1945-

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Liddell, Anna Forbes

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Doyle, Simeon R.

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Florida State University-History

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Shores, Venila Lovina

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Author, professor. Venila Lovina Shores was an author and former professor at Florida State University. From the description of Papers, 1800-1868. (Florida State University). WorldCat record id: 50682952 ...

Andrews, Elizabeth G.

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Vance, Earl L.

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Strozier, Robert Manning, 1906-1960

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Robert Manning Strozier was born July 20, 1906, in McRae, Georgia. He received his Bachelor's and Mater's degrees from Emory University. In 1930, he began teaching French at the Georgia College for Men at Tifton, and later served on the faculties of West Georgia College and the University of Georgia. He received his Ph. D. from University of Chicago in 1945. While in Chicago, he met and married Margaret Burnett in 1937. Strozier became president of Florida State Universi...

Abbey, Kathryn T.

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Diffenbaugh, Guy L.

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Montgomery, Katherine W. (Katherine Williams), 1894-1958

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Irish, Marion D.

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Florida State university

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The Florida State College for Women (FSCW) Artist Series began in 1923. Dean Ella Opperman was the first person in charge of organizing the series. The series was intended to bring renowned artists to FSCW. After FSCW became Florida State University (FSU), the FSU School of Music managed the series. However, in 1974 the FSU Artist Series Committee assumed control. Because of financial difficulties in the early 1990s, the Artist Series was briefly discontinued. The series was then entitled the "C...

Florida State University-Constitution

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Kellum, J. G.

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Carothers, Milton W.

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Salley, Nathaniel Moss

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Florida State University-Executive Council

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Eyman, Ralph Lee, 1885-

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Ralph Lee Eyman served as Dean of the School of Education at Florida State University from 1939 to 1956. From the description of Ralph Lee Eyman Papers. (Florida State University). WorldCat record id: 40271940 ...

Bellamy, Raymond

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Finner, Paul F., 1883-1972

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Blackwell, Gordon W.

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Sandels, Margaret

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Phi beta kappa

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Collegiate scholastic honor society founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va. From the description of Phi Beta Kappa records, 1776-2006 (bulk 1900-2000). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70983375 The national Phi Beta Kappa Society, America's oldest and most prestigious honor society, was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Membership in the national society is a significant achievement, which honors excellen...

Campbell, Doak S. (Doak Sheridan), 1888-1973

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President, Florida State University. Doak Sheridan Campbell, third president of the Florida State College for Women (1941-1957), was born near Waldron, Arkansas, on November 16, 1888. He attended public school in Arkansas, after which he obtained his teaching license. He taught for one year, then went to Ouachita College at Arkadelphia, Arkansas, where he graduated with a teaching degree in 1911, emphasizing music and speech. He then became superintendent of school at Co...

Heinlein, Christian P.

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Stewart, Alban

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Marshall, J. Stanley (James Stanley), 1923-

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Cotterill, Robert S.

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Florida State College for Women

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According to Robin Sellers' Femina Perfecta, in 1914 members of the even-year classes of Florida State College for Women (juniors and freshmen) wore their green and yellow class colors to chapel on the Saturday morning before Thanksgiving. A spontaneous pep rally ensued. On the following Wednesday, odd-year class members (seniors, sophomores, and sub-freshmen) carried canes wrapped with ribbons in their individual class colors of red, white, and purple. On Thanksgiving Day the odd-year classes d...

Florida Female College

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Opperman, Ella Scoble

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Dean, Florida State College for Women. Ella Scoble Opperman was born October 27, 1873, in New Haven, Ohio, and died in Tallahassee, Florida, on March 11, 1969. She became director of the Florida State College for Women, School of Music in 1911, and its first dean in 1920, until her retirement in 1944. The college became Florida State University three years later. After her retirement she wrote "Annals of the school of music." Opperman Music Hall on the Florida State Univ...

Richards, Harold

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Richardson, Louise, 1889-1963.

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Librarian. Louise Richardson was born in South Carolina on November 22, 1889. She received her AB degree from Limestone College in 1909, a Graduate certificate from the Pratt Institute Library School in 1913, and an MA in Library Studies in 1927 from the University of South Carolina. She initiated the first classes offered in library science studies at the Florida State College for Women in 1926. As Director of the FSCW Library, Richardson taught the course t...

Pi Kappa Lambda

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Florida State College for Women-History

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Champion, John E.

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Cowles, Walter Ruel

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Conradi, Edward, 1869-1944

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Dr. Edward Conradi (1869-1944) was President of Florida State College for Women (FSCW) from 1909 until 1941 and taught the first Experimental Psychology course at FSCW; After retirement he was appointed President Emeritus and his name was given to the Biology Bldg. and to the first endowed chair in the Psychology Dept. in 1991. From the description of Edward Conradi Papers, 1911-1981. (Florida State University). WorldCat record id: 39899902 ...

Waskom, Hugh L.

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Sliger, Bernard F

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Barber, Lanas Spurgeon, -1946

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Hogarth, Charles P. (Charles Pinckney), 1911-

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