Miriam Ching Yoon LouiePapers 1970-2012


Miriam Ching Yoon LouiePapers 1970-2012

Labor organizer; Women's rights activist; Author; Activist; Poet. The papers include correspondence, organizing materials, conference materials, fliers, pamphlets, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. There is also Louie's course work as both student and instructor. Major topics include women and labor organizing, Asian American women's history, social justice activism, international women's rights, and issues surrounding race, class, immigration and poverty in the U.S. Especially impressive is the range of material related to grassroots Asian and Latina immigrant workers' organizations, from the 1970s through the early 2000s. [NOTE: The contents list for this collection is not online. Contact the Sophia Smith Collection if you would like one sent to you.]

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