Documenting Lesbian Lives Oral HistoryProject 2010-2013


Documenting Lesbian Lives Oral History Project MS 661., 2010-2013

Documenting Lesbian Lives Oral HistoryProject 2010-2013

Documenting Lesbian Lives Oral History Project is acollection of life histories of women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, woman-identified-woman,queer, or who prefer not to identify with sexuality categories. The project provides a complex andnuanced collective story of American lesbian history and experience. Narrators include grassrootsactivists and political organizers; educators and academics; musicians, writers, and artists; aswell as community and religious leaders. They come from a variety of class, ethnic, racial,social, and geographic backgrounds. Interviews cover childhood and growing up experiences;education and employment; activism and politics; family, identity, relationships and community.

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Joan Laird earned a B.A. from Vassar College and a M.S.W. from Columbia University. She worked as a caseworker on Long Island, NY, 1967-74, then taught in Eastern Michigan University's Social Work Program, 1974-86. She co-founded and worked as a family therapist at the Ann Arbor Center for the Family. Research Advisor in the Smith College School for Social Work (1986-87), then Professor, 1987-97. She taught in the Smith College Psychology Department, 1997-99. Adjunct Professor at College of Comm...

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Perez was born in 1711 in Italy. He composed several operas, amongst them Didone Abbandonata, 1753. He died in 1778. From the guide to the Perez, David, Mid 18th century, (Senate House Library, University of London) ...

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