Voices of Feminism Oral History Project 1990-2006


Voices of Feminism Oral History Project 1990-2006

Oral History Project documenting the persistence and diversity of organizing for women in the United States. Narrators include labor, peace, and anti-racism activists; artists and writers; lesbian rights advocates; grassroots anti-violence and anti-poverty organizers; and women of color reproductive justice leaders. Interviews cover childhood, personal life, and political work. Most oral histories consist of audiovisual recordings and transcripts, plus some background information.

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Alexander, Dolores, 1931-2008

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Dolores Alexander (August 10, 1931 – May 13, 2008) was a lesbian feminist, writer, and reporter. Alexander was the only Executive Director of the National Organization for Women (NOW) to have resigned because of the homophobic beliefs in the early inception of NOW. She co-opened the feminist restaurant "Mother Courage" with Jill Ward. Until her death, in 2008, she continued to believe in the need for the women's rights movement in contemporary times, stating that "It's bigotry, and I don't know ...

Lerner, Gerda, 1920-2013

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Gerda Lerner was a historian and woman's history author; she also wrote poetry, fiction, theater pieces, screenplays, and an autobiography. She served as president of the Organization of American Historians and was a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lerner was one of the founders of the academic field of women's history. She played a key role in the development of women's history curricula and was involved in the development of degree programs in women's history....

Berek, Judith, 1943-

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Frantz, Margaret, 1922-

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Pratt, Minnie Bruce

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Vázquez, Carmen, 1949-

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Hayashi, Mary Chung, 1967-

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Stout, Linda, 1954-

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Bewsee, Michaelann, 1947-

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Ross, Loretta, 1953-

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Loretta June Ross was born in Temple, Texas, August 16, 1953, the sixth of eight children in a blended family. Her mother, who brought five older children to her marriage with Ross, had been owner of a music store and a domestic worker; she was a housewife as Loretta was growing up. Loretta's father, who hailed from Jamaica, was an Army weapons specialist and drill sergeant. After retiring from the military in 1963, he worked for the Post Office and often held additional jobs to sup...

Moraga, Cherríe

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Ports, Suki Terada

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Morales, Rosario, 1930-

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The daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, Rosario Morales (1930-2011) was raised in el barrio of New York City. In 1949, Morales joined the Communist Party and married Richard Levins, the son of Ukranian Jewish immigrants and a scientist. Together they moved to Puerto Rico in 1951 where they became active in the Puerto Rican Communist Party and the Fellowship of Reconciliation while working a small farm in the mountains. They eventually returned to the U.S., first to Chicago then to Cambridge, bu...

Chavez-Thompson, Linda, 1944-

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Cook, Katsi, 1952-

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Hollibaugh, Amber L., 1946-

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Russell, Maura, 1954-

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Berkman, Brenda, 1951-

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Pharr, Suzanne, 1939-

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Toure, Nkenge, 1951-

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Sanchez, Graciela, 1960-

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Apuzzo, Virginia, 1941-

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Shelley, Martha, 1943-

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Sophia Smith collection

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Ward, Wynona Lund, 1951-

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Voices of Feminism Oral History Project

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Edgar, Joanne, 1943-

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Roma, Catherine, 1948-

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Reeve, Patricia, 1953-

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Martinez, Luz Alvarez, 1943-

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Gilbert, Ronnie

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Rodriguez, Luz, 1956-

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Reproductive rights advocate From the description of Luz Rodriguez Papers, 1964-2005 (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 465474918 ...

Payne, LaDoris, 1948

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Henry, Fran, 1948-

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Nelson, Marjory, 1928-

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Lesbian activist; Therapist; Feminist From the description of Marjory Nelson papers, 1947-2006 (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 477405716 Marjory Nelson was born in 1928 in New Brunswick, NJ, the last of four children and the only daughter born to Dorothy Lewis and Thurlow Christian Nelson. Her siblings were Thurlow Christian Nelson, Jr. (1922-2000), Edwin Lewis Nelson (b. 1924), and John Eric Nelson (1925-1999). Nelson entered Oberlin College in 1946 but left after her ...

Avery, Byllye, 1937-

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Byllye Yvonne Avery was born in DeLand, Florida in 1937. She studied psychology at Talledega College, and earned an M.A. degree from the University of Florida in 1969. In 1995 Avery received a L.H.D. from Bates College. She has worked to improve the welfare of African-American women by creating the National Black Women's Health Project in 1981 (the name was later changed to the Black Women's Health Imperative). She also founded Avery Institute for Social Change. In 1989, Avery received a MacArth...

Tax, Meredith, 1942-

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Biren, Joan E., 1944-

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Peterson, Jan, 1941-

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Schneir, Miriam.

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American author and teacher; b. 1933; wife of author Walter Schneir. From the description of Walter and Miriam Schneir collection, 1959-1975. (Boston University). WorldCat record id: 70968733 ...

Smith, Barbara, 1946-....

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Foo, Lora Jo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6768t01 (person)

Lawyer; Labor organizer From the description of Lora Jo Foo Papers, 1980-2009 (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 476805027 Lora Jo Foo is a labor organizer and attorney specializing in employment/labor law. She is a native of San Francisco, born and raised in the Chinatown community, where she began working as a garment worker in a sweatshop at the age of 11. She went back into a garment factory to work after college, this time as a union organizer. She then b...

MacKay, Anne, 1928-

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Nussbaum, Karen, 1950-

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Casavant, Kathleen, 1951-

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Kollisch, Eva

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Powell, Achebe Betty, 1940-

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Saika, Peggy, 1945-

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Miller, Geraldine Trexler, 1925-2006

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Steinem, Gloria, 1934-

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Gloria Steinem, late 1960's Gloria Steinem was born on March 25, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio to Leo Steinem and Ruth Nuneviller Steinem, the second of their two children (Suzanne Steinem was born in 1925). She grew up in Toledo and Clark Lake, Michigan, where the family ran a summer resort. Leo and Ruth divorced in 1945, and, with Suzanne away at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, eleven-year-old Gloria assumed responsibility for the care of her mother, who was incre...

Asetoyer, Charon, 1951-

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Burnham, Linda

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Morales, Aurora Levins, 1954

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Thom, Mary, 1942-

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Winslow, Barbara, 1945-....

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Diallo, Dázon Dixon

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Beal, Frances M., 1940-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q53bnv (person)

Frances M. Beal is a Black feminist and a peace and justice political activist. Her focus has predominantly been regarding women's rights, racial justice, anti-war and peace work, as well as international solidarity. Beal was a founding member of the SNCC Black Women's Liberation Committee, which later evolved into the Third World Women's Alliance. She is most widely known for her publication, “Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female", which theorizes the intersection of oppression between race,...

Martinez, Betita, 1925

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