RKO Radio Pictures, inc. correspondence 1931-1958


RKO Radio Pictures, inc. correspondence 1931-1958

Highlighting the careers of actors, writers, and directors, the letters, memos, loan agreements, and contractual information for various film projects span the years 1931-1958. This collection of correspondence from the RKO legal department is about the studio's famous employees and not from them. Items of interest include copies of Katharine Hepburn's 1932 agreement with RKO and her buy-out in 1938, an issue of the Tim Holt magazine introducing the Ghost Rider [1949], and aspects of Charles Laughton's career including THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. The folder regarding the production and distribution of the motion picture CORNERED contains, besides correspondence, a budget estimate, synopses, music cue sheets, and the billing sheet for screen and advertising credits.


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RKO can be traced to a Milwaukee nickelodeon (1909); after a series of mergers it became the nucleus of Mutual Film Corp.; in 1928, it emerged as Radio-Keith-Orpheum and was involved in production, distribution, and exhibition; the studio employed many of the top creative talents of the 1930s and 40s and was responsible for film classics such as Citizen Kane, Bringing up baby, Suspicion, Gay divorcee, and The magnificent Ambersons; additionally RKO was the distributor of many of Samuel Goldwyn, ...

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