H.A. Condell stage and costume designs [graphic] / H.A. Condell 1930-1959


H.A. Condell stage and costume designs [graphic] / H.A. Condell 1930-1959

The H. A. Condell Designs consist of stage designs, technical drawings, sketches, collages, costume designs and some photographs spanning the years 1930 to 1959. Some notable productions for which he created designs are: NATHAN THE WISE, WINTER SOLDIERS, KING LEAR, SAINT JOAN, THE GOLEM, JEREMIAS, THE MIRACLE OF THE WARSAW GHETTO, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING among others.

drawings col 52 x 63 cm. or smaller; paintings watercolor 52 x 63 cm. or smaller; collages col 52 x 63 cm. or smaller; technical drawings :


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