Theodore Koppanyi papers 1910-1930


Theodore Koppanyi papers 1910-1930

Theodore Koppanyi was a Hungarian emigre and professor of pharmacology, who spent the majority of his career at Georgetown University. He was a pioneer in modern pharmacology, physiology and cellular biology, and the author of numerous papers on the structure and operation of the eye, in particular eye transplantation in animals.

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Theodore Koppanyi (1901-1985), a Hungarian emigré, was a professor of pharmacology who spent the majority of his career at Georgetown University. Koppanyi was a noted pioneer in modern pharmacology, physiology and cellular biology and the author of numerous scientific papers. From the description of Theodore Koppanyi papers, 1910-1930. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 84688649 Born in Gyönyös, Hungary on Dec. 26, 1901, Tiv...

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