WEBSTER, Sir Charles Kingsley, 1886-1961, Knight, historian and diplomat 1901-1962


WEBSTER, Sir Charles Kingsley, 1886-1961, Knight, historian and diplomat 1901-1962

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Webster, Charles K. (Charles Kingsley), Sir, 1886-1961

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Born 1886; educated Merchant Taylors' School in Crosby and King's College, Cambridge; Professor of Modern History, Liverpool University, 1914-1922; served World War One as a Subaltern in the Royal Army Service Corps, 1915-1917 and on the General Staff of the War Office, 1917-1918; Secretary, Military Section, British Delegation to the Conference of Paris, 1918-1919; Wilson Professor of International Politics, University of Wales, 1922-1932; Ausserordentlich Professor, University of Vienna, 1926;...

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