HETHERINGTON, Hector Alastair, 1919 - 1999, Journalist 1958-1975


HETHERINGTON, Hector Alastair, 1919 - 1999, Journalist 1958-1975

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Hector Alastair Hetherington, 1919-1999, was educated at Gresham's School, Holt and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He spent the second world war in the Royal Armoured Corps and in 1946 joined the editorial staff of the Glasgow Herald . He left in 1950 to join the Manchester Guardian where he was assistant editor and foreign editor 1953-1956 and editor 1956-1975. After he left the Guardian , he went into television, becoming controller of BBC Scotland 1975-1978 and manager of BBC Highland 1979-1...

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