Records of the Hanover Gallery 1948-1973


Records of the Hanover Gallery, 1948-1973

Records of the Hanover Gallery 1948-1973

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Bacon, Francis, 1909-1992 (person)

Erica Brausen, 1908-1992 (person)

Erica Brausen was born in Dusseldorf in 1908. After completing her education and with the rise of Hitler she left for Paris in the 1930s. She worked in a bookshop and began to organise displays of contemporary art. A friendship with the Catalan artist Joan Miro led her to Majorca where she ran a bar which was frequented by writers and artists. During the Spanish Civil War she used her contacts with the US navy to help some of her Jewish and socialist friends to escape and slipped aw...

Brausen, Erica, 19..-1992 (person)

The Hanover Gallery (corporateBody)