Durham University Library Miscellaneous Albums 19th-20th century


Durham University Library Miscellaneous Albums, 19th-20th century

Durham University Library Miscellaneous Albums 19th-20th century

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University of Durham.

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At Durham degrees in music by examination were initiated in 1889. They were designed to meet the needs of professional musicians for a test of professional competence rather than an academic course. Whereas music degrees by examination at Oxford, Cambridge and London in the 19th century all required candidates to show competence also in other subjects such as classics and mathematics, Durham degrees demanded high musical ability but only general educational qualifications, and had no residential...

Bramwell, William Arthur.

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Tristram, H.B. (Henry Baker), 1822-1906

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Anglican clergyman; canon of Durham Cathedral. From the description of H. B. Tristram correspondence, 1878 September 26. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70980650 ...

Durham University Library (collector)

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Many more of the manuscript and printed books formerly owned by Durham Cathedral Priory have survived than those of any other medieval English institution. Over 300 manuscripts remain in the Cathedral Library, and 12 more are in Durham University Library, but many others have passed to libraries elsewhere - over 170 have so far been identified. This collection of microfilms has been formed by Durham University Library with the objective of bringing together, for study purposes in Durham, films o...