Papers of Guido Pontecorvo, personal and family photographs and negatives c1924-2007


Papers of Guido Pontecorvo, personal and family photographs and negatives, c1924-2007

Papers of Guido Pontecorvo, personal and family photographs and negatives c1924-2007

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Guido Pellegrino Arrigo Pontecorvo(1907-1999), who liked to be known by his nickname, Ponte, was an Italian geneticist who became the University of Glasgow's first Professor of Genetics in 1955, and has been described as "one of the founding fathers of modern genetics". He endowed prizes and scholarships for students at the University and the Genetics Building was named for him in 1995. Born and educated in Pisa, Pontecorvo was forced to leave Italy in 1938 and settled in Scotland. He was appoin...

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These are Economic History lecture notes, possibly a lecturer's own notes. There are 6 notebooks within a slipcase. On the slipcase is written in pencil "Dr James Cunnison? Alec Macfie?" The identification of the author of these notes is not certain. There is one letter within volume 6 addressed to Dr Cunnison, but without a comparison of handwriting it has not possible to assign these notes to Dr Cunnison. References within the notes would indicate that they were written after 1924. ...

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