The Percy Johnson-Marshall Collection 1931-1993


The Percy Johnson-Marshall Collection 1931-1993

178 metres


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Kingham Knight Associates | 1948-: | architects | Liverpool (England) (corporateBody)

Underhill | AF | fl1940s | housing director (person)

Tilsley, Frank (person)

Wharton, Kate (person)

Abercrombie, Patrick, 1879-1957 (person)

University of Edinburgh | 1583-: | university | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Ginsberg | Leslie | fl1958 | town planner (person)

London County Council | Housing Committee | local government | London (England) (corporateBody)

Faire, Lucy (person)

Lewis | J Newell | fl1950 | architect (person)

Festival of Britain | 1951 | festival | Great Britain (corporateBody)

City and Royal Burgh of Edinburgh City Engineer's Department (corporateBody)

Stark | DR | fl1950s | architect (person)

Ministry of Labour and National Service (corporateBody)

Black, Flora (person)

Hubbard, Phil. (person)

Aerofilms | 1919-1997 | aerial photographers | London (England) (corporateBody)

Freeman, Fox, Wilbur Smith, and Associates (corporateBody)

City of Edinburgh District Council Planning Department (corporateBody)

Hayward Gallery | 1968-: | arts organisation | London (England) (corporateBody)

Buchanan, Colin, 1907-2001 (person)

Vulliamy | Justin E | fl1940s | architect (person)

Brown | Alex | fl1960s | architect (person)

Ministry of Town and Country Planning (corporateBody)

Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners (corporateBody)

Darlington, Ida (person)

University of Edinburgh. (corporateBody)

The University of Edinburgh was established by Royal Charter in 1582 . It was originally called Tounis College, when part of a legacy left by Robert Reid, Bishop of Orkney in 1558 had established a college of which the Town Council had gained control to establish a College of Law on the South side of Edinburgh. The inception of the University took place in 1583 . In 1617 when King James VI of Scotland (I of England) visited the College it was decreed that the College should change i...

Ling | Arthur | 1913-: | architect and town planner (person)

Fitzgibbon, E (person)

British European Airways | 1953-1970 | airline | England (corporateBody)

Reilly, C. H. (Charles Herbert), Sir, 1874-1948 (person)

Charles Herbert Reilly was born on 4 March 1874 in London. He was educated at Merchant Taylors' School and Queens' College, Cambridge. After graduating, he trained as an architect for two years in his father's office and in 1900, became a part-time lecturer in architectural design at King's College in London, shortly afterwards becoming a partner in an architectural practice. In 1904, he was appointed professor of architecture at Liverpool University, a post he held until 1933. Between 1931 and ...

Heriot-Watt University | 1966-: | university | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Edinburgh University Rector's Working Party on Planning (corporateBody)

Harker | JS | fl1937 | architect (person)

Philip | 1921-: | Duke of Edinburgh | consort of Queen Elizabeth II (person)

Great Britain. Scottish Office. Development Department (corporateBody)

University of Liverpool | 1881-: | Liverpool (England) (corporateBody)

Scott, Adrian Gilbert (English architect, 1882-1963) (person)

Brandt | Leo | fl1962 | town planner (person)

Mooney, Gavin H. (person)

Wilkinson | F | fl1937 | architect (person)

Walter Ramsay Architects (corporateBody)

Norman & Dawbarn Ltd | 1934-: | architects and engineers | London (England) (corporateBody)

Bennett, Hubert (person)

Murray | TV | fl1950s | architect (person)

Ian G Lindsay & Partners (corporateBody)

Ordnance Survey | 1790-: | national mapping agency | Southampton (England) (corporateBody)

Metropolitan Police Service | 1829-1849 | police force | London (England) (corporateBody)

Royal Academy of Arts | 1768-: | arts society | London (England) (corporateBody)

The En Tout Cas Co Ltd | fl1966 | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Fort, Nicholas (person)

United Nations | Technical Assistance Administration | fl1955 (corporateBody)

National Film Theatre | 1967-: | arts organisation | London (England) (corporateBody)

Willis | Margaret | fl1950s | sociologist (person)

University of Khartoum | 1956-: | university | Khartoum (Sudan) (corporateBody)

Richards, J. M. (James Maude), 1907-1992 (person)

Cullen, Gordon (person)

Bennet | Hubert | fl1956 | architect (person)

Hare | Bruce | fl1985 | architect (person)

Kininmonth | Sir | William | 1904 - 1988 | architect (person)

Corporation of the City of Coventry (person)

London County Council, Architect's Department (corporateBody)

Fenton, Clive (person)

Royal Festival Hall | 1951-: | entertainment venue | London (England) (corporateBody)

Brown | F Wayman | fl1937-1938 | engineer and architect (person)

Parker | JH | fl1937 | architect (person)

Fitzroy Robinson & Partners | 1956-: | architects | London (England) (corporateBody)

Chowdhury | KN | fl1945 | Indian planner (person)

Reiach and Hall Ltd | 1965 -: | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

London County Council | 1887-1965 | local government | London (England) (corporateBody)

Riley | CEJ | fl1945 | major, British Army (person)

Moira & Moira | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Greater London Council | 1965-1986 | local government | London (England) (corporateBody)

Anon (person)

Gupta | SR | fl1952 | principal, Bengal Engineering College (person)

Dewar-Mills | D | fl1950s | architect (person)

Wren | Sir | Christopher | 1632-1723 | English architect (person)

War Office | 1914-1918 | government department | United Kingdom (corporateBody)

MacKay | P | fl1950s | architectural illustrator (person)

Horder, Thomas, 1871-1955 (person)

National Theatre | 1962-: | theatre | London (England) (corporateBody)

Alan Reiach & partners | 1949-1965 | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Society for the Promotion of Urban Renewal | fl1950s | professional association (corporateBody)

Bland, John H. (John Hardesty), 1917- (person)

Epithet: of Kippax, 6th Baronet British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000126.0x000231 Epithet: victualler British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000126.0x000225 Epithet: Mayor of Tangier British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000126.0x000224 Title: 7th Baronet ...

Gray, John G (compiler) (person)

Yerbury, Francis Rowland, 1885-1970 (person)

Potter | Alfred | fl1954 | secretary, Town Planning Institute (person)

City and Royal Burgh of Edinburgh (corporateBody)

Coventry City Council | local government | Coventry (England) (corporateBody)

HM Government | Ministry of Housing (corporateBody)

New Barbican Committee | fl1954-1955 | architects | London (England) (corporateBody)

Rennie, John, 1761-1821 (person)

Scottish engineer. From the description of Autograph letter signed : London, to Sir Joseph Banks, 1802 Dec. 9. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270617220 From the description of Autograph letter signed : to Messrs. Cuthell & Martin, 1807 Mar. 4. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270617224 ...

Ford | EH | fl1931-1943 |engineer (person)

Reiach and Cowan | fl1954-1955 | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Ravenseft Properties Ltd | fl1960s-: | property developer | Bristol (England) (corporateBody)

Gibberd, Frederick. (person)

Tatton-Brown | William | fl1910-1986 | architect (person)

Edinburgh Amenity and Transport Association (corporateBody)

Colin Buchanan and Partners (corporateBody)

Gray, John G. (person)

Ministry of Works (corporateBody)

Gibson, Donald, Sir, 1908- (person)

Holden | Charles Henry | 1875-160 | architect (person)

City of Coventry Department of Architecture and Planning (person)

Rowand Anderson, Kininmonth & Paul (corporateBody)

United States Office of War Information | government department | United States (corporateBody)

Handisyde | Cecil Charles | 1908-: | architect (person)

Jones, F Evans (person)

Musgrove | John | fl1960 | architect (person)

Horsburgh | Patrick | fl1955 | architect (person)

Ministry of Housing and Local Government (corporateBody)

Ian G Lindsay & Partners | 1959-1992 | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Michael Laird and partners | architect | (corporateBody)

Martin | Sir | Leslie | 1908-1999 | architect (person)

Pedestrians' Association for Road Safety (corporateBody)

HM Government | Department of the Environment (corporateBody)

HM Government | Ministry of Public Buildings and Works (corporateBody)

Kneale & Russell | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Edinburgh chamber of Commerce (corporateBody)

Brown | R Gordon | fl1949-1957 | architect (person)

Ove Arup & Partners | 1946-: | consulting engineers | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Edinburgh Corporation Housing Department (corporateBody)

Holford, William Graham Holford, Baron, 1907-1975 (person)

Correspondence to Lewis and Sophia Mumford from William Holford and his wife, Marjorie Holford. From the description of Letters, 1953-1975, to Lewis and Sophia Mumford. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155869599 ...

Association of Building Technicians (corporateBody)

Bigwood | Tom | fl1954 | town planner (person)

Sambrook | J | fl1956 | mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney (person)

University of Edinburgh. Architecture Research Unit (corporateBody)

Heriot-Watt University (corporateBody)

On 12 May 1854, the Directors of the Watt Institution and School of Arts unveiled Peter Slater's statue of James Watt outside their premises in Adam Square, Edinburgh. During the celebrations following the ceremony, the revellers agreed that a club should be formed to bring together the students of all years to sup together on the anniversary of Watt's birth. Thus was founded the Watt Club. Its membership included all that had been or were students, and others who were friendly towards the Schoo...

National Library of Scotland | 1925-: | research library | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Michael Laird Architects | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Jones | Owen | 1809-1868 | architect (person)

Jones | Ronald | fl1955 | architect (person)

Blyth & Blyth | civil and structural engineers | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Denys | Sir | Louis Lasdun | 1914-2001 | architect (person)

Geddes, Patrick, Sir, 1854-1932 (person)

Resident of Battle Creek, MI. From the description of Letters, 1853-1858. (Clarke Historical Library). WorldCat record id: 31944977 Sir Patrick Geddes (1854-1932) was a biologist, sociologist and town planner with a strong interest in education, the arts, history and many other subjects. He believed strongly in the inter-relationships between all branches of knowledge. Geddes grew up and was educated in Scotland, and studied biology in London. After a professional career as ...

Johnson-Marshall, Percy (person)

Gibson, DEE (person)

Forshaw, J. H. (John Henry), 1895-1973 (person)

British Lift Slab Ltd | engineers and architect | Birmingham (England) (corporateBody)

Corporation of London | 1067-: | local government | London (England) (corporateBody)

Carfrae & Morrison | civil engineering firm | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Matthew, Robert H., 1906-1975 (person)

Correspondence to Lewis Mumford from Sir Robert Hogg Matthew and his wife, Lorna Matthew. From the description of Letters, 1961-1975, to Lewis Mumford. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155872400 ...

Reilly | Sir | Charles Herbert |1874-1948 | professor of architecture (person)

HM Government | Property Services Agency (corporateBody)

Decca Records | 1929-1980 | arts organisation | London (England) (corporateBody)

Pevsner, Nikolaus, 1902-1983 (person)

German-born art and architectural historian, editor and professor, Nikolaus Pevsner was a scholar of European architecture, 19th and 20th century design, Italian Baroque painting and German sculpture. He worked with the Dresden Gallery from 1924 to 1928 and taught at Göttingen before emigrating to England in 1933. He subsequently taught at Birkbeck College and the Courtauld Institute, and lectured as Slade Professor of Art at Cambridge and Oxford. He was a member of the editorial board of the A...

Massey | Philip H | fl1940 | architect (person)

Kay | W | flc1953 | architect (person)

Johnson-Marshall | Percy | 1915-1993 | professor of urban design and regional planning, University of Edinburgh (person)

Percy Edwin Alan Johnson-Marshall ( 1915-1993 ) was one of the most energetic of a generation of town-planners who began their careers in the 1930s and, after the Second World War, dedicated their lives to the creation of a new world of social equity through the radical transformation of the human environment. Born in Ajmer, India, he was brought by his parents, via the Middle East, to England in the 1920s . In 1931 Percy followed his brother Stirrat Johnson-Marshall to ...

University of Cambridge | 1209-: | university | Cambridge (England) (corporateBody)

Modern Architectural Research group (corporateBody)

London Transport Executive (corporateBody)

Association of Architects, Surveyors and Technical Assistants (corporateBody)

Higges | Malcolm | fl1955 | architect (person)

Willesden Borough Council | local government | Willesden (England) (corporateBody)

Edinburgh Architectural Association (corporateBody)

Tyrwhitt, Jaqueline (person)

Jaqueline Tyrwhitt (1905-1983) was a pioneer in the field of town planning. In an international career spanning sixty years, she practised as a landscape architect and town planner in addition to teaching and research, and contributed greatly to the professional associations in her field, particularly to the Congres Internationeaux d'Architecture Moderne. In later years she edited the international journal, 'Ekistics'. Tyrwhitt was born in South Africa but moved to London at an early age. Initia...

Watt | James | 1736-1819 | engineer (person)

City of London School for Girls | 1894-: | school | London (England) (corporateBody)

Jamieson MacKay and Partners et al (corporateBody)

Brett, Lionel, Sir, 1911- (person)

Anti Fascist People's Freedom League | 1944- | political party | Burma (corporateBody)

Bridge | AD | fl1945 | brigadier, Allied Land Forces South East Asia (person)

Leask | JA | fl1973-: | architect | Edinburgh (Scotland) (person)

London school of economics and political science (corporateBody)

For a full administrative history of the LSE, see the description for the main LSE records (Ref: London School of Economics and Political Science Archives). From the guide to the London School of Economics and Political Science: materials for the history of the School, 1895-1947, (British Library of Political and Economic Science) ...

MacGregor | John M | fl1966-1968 | cartographer (person)

Institution of Civil Engineers et al (corporateBody)

Royal Scottish Museum | 1866-: | museum (corporateBody)

Holst & Co | architect | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Bengal Engineering College | 1856-: | educational institution | Bengal (India) (corporateBody)

Gimson | WH | fl1955 | engineer (person)

Church of Scotland. (corporateBody)

In 1929, the Church of Scotland and the United Free Church of Scotland merged to form the Church of Scotland. Material includes Church of Scotland Mission to the Jews and church of Scotland Women's Calcutta Mission. From the description of Records of the Church of Scotland, 1796-1987 (inclusive). (Yale University). WorldCat record id: 702150500 ...

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (corporateBody)

Kadleigh, Whitfield & Horsbrugh | fl1954 | architects | London (England) (corporateBody)

Tilsley | Frank | fl1944-1978 | journalist, author and screen-writer (person)

Freeman Fox and Associates (corporateBody)

Heriot, George, 1563-1624 (person)

Rowse | Eric Alan Ambrose | 1896-1982 | architectural educator (person)

Mayson, FC (person)

Westergaard | John | fl1950s-: | sociologist (person)

Plowman, Craven & Associates | 1964-: | surveyors | Harpenden (England) (corporateBody)

Russell Diplock Associates | architects (corporateBody)

Acquila Investments | fl1960 | property developer (corporateBody)

Morris & Steedman | fl1962 -: | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Walter Ramsay Architects | 1955-1988 | architects | Glasgow (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Peabody Trust | 1862-: | housing charity | London (England) (corporateBody)

Holford, William Graham Holford, Baron, 1907-1975 (person)

Correspondence to Lewis and Sophia Mumford from William Holford and his wife, Marjorie Holford. From the description of Letters, 1953-1975, to Lewis and Sophia Mumford. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155869599 ...

Boissevain and Osmond | fl1960s | architectural practice | England (corporateBody)

University of Edinburgh | Edinburgh University Library (corporateBody)

Gordon & Dey | 1936-: | architects | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Middlesex County Council | 1888-1965 | local government | England (corporateBody)

Hollamby, Edward (person)

Bridgewater and Shepheard | fl1950s | architectural practice | London (England) (corporateBody)

Jordan, R. Furneaux (Robert Furneaux) (person)

Epithet: biographer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000496.0x000091 ...

Spence, Basil, Sir, 1907-1976 (person)

Logie | Gordon | fl1960-1989 | architect (person)

Spence-Sales, H (person)

London County Council | Parks Department | local government | London (England) (corporateBody)

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh | 1729-: | hospital | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Bartholomew Ltd | c1850-: | cartographers (corporateBody)

Bryan & Norman Westwood & Partners | architects | Liverpool (England) (corporateBody)

United Nations | 1945-: | (corporateBody)

Liverpool Daily Post | 1855-: | newspaper | Liverpool (England) (corporateBody)

Gibson, Donald (person)

Horner | Leonard | 1785-1864 | educationalist and geologist (person)

Janson-Smith | GE | fl1955 | town planner (person)

Bureau of Current Affairs | fl1946-1951 | publisher | London (England) (corporateBody)

Allied Land Forces South East Asia (corporateBody)

Friends of the Earth et al (corporateBody)

Corporation of the City of Edinburgh (corporateBody)

George Watson's College | 1741-: | school | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Benson & Forsyth | fl1995-: | architects | London (England) (corporateBody)

British Army (corporateBody)

Appointments Department, Ministry of Labour and National Service (corporateBody)

Glass | Ruth | 1912-: | sociologist (person)

Unwin, Raymond, Sir, 1863-1940 (person)

Association of Scientific Workers | 1918-1968 | trade union | London (England) (corporateBody)

Bor | Walter G | fl1950s-1972 | architect and planner (person)

Heriot-Watt College | 1885-1966 | college | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Sadler | R | fl1973 | architect | Edinburgh (Scotland) (person)

Lansbury Lawrence Primary School | 1950s-: | nursery school | London (England) (corporateBody)

Easton & Robertson | 1919-c1970 | architects | London (England) (corporateBody)

London County Council Architect's Department: Housing Division (corporateBody)

Fort | Nicholas | fl1975 | planning officer (person)

Jones, David Gregory (person)

Glover | John Hardie | fl1970s | architect (person)

Sidwell, NC (person)

Johnson-Marshall, Stirrat (person)

Building Centre | 1931-: | advisory body | London (England) (corporateBody)

Stephenson, Gordon (person)

Gordon Stephenson was the first Chief Planning Officer (1947) of the Ministry of Town and Country Planning, London; Lever Professor of Civic Design and Editor of the Town Planning Review, University of Liverpool, 1948-53; Consultant to the Government of Western Australia, the City of Perth and the University of Western Australia, 1953-55; Professor of Town and Regional Planning, University of Toronto, 1955-60; Professor of Architecture, and for seven years consultant architect, University of Wes...

Bell | Alexander Duncan | 1930 -: | architectural illustrator (person)

Bell | WGC | fl1940 | architect (person)

Yorke, Rosenberg & Mardall | 1944-: | architectural practice | London (England) (corporateBody)

Corporation of Edinburgh Town Planning Department (corporateBody)

Lothian Regional Council (corporateBody)

Playfair | William Henry | 1789-1857 | architect (person)

Allan, P. (person)

Service Arts and Technical Organization (corporateBody)

Shaw | Robert H | fl1932-1938 | architect (person)

Adam | Robert | 1728-1792 | architect (person)

Edinburgh and East of Scotland College of Agriculture (corporateBody)

Edinburgh College of Art | 1760-: | art college | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Goldfinger, Ernö (person)

HM Government (corporateBody)

Munby, DL (person)

Housing Centre (Great Britain) (corporateBody)

University Grants Committee | governmental body | United Kingdom (corporateBody)

Royal college of surgeons of Edinburgh (corporateBody)

Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall & Partners (corporateBody)

Founded in 1956 by British architects Robert Mathew and Stirrat Johnson-Marshall, Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall & Partners are an international firm of architects with offices through the United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East, making it one of the worlds largest architectural practices. From the guide to the Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall & Partners, 1954-1978, (University of Dundee) ...

Royal Commission on Local Government in Greater London (corporateBody)

Stewart, Charles Henry Hylton, 1849-1922 (person)

Bengal Planning Group |fl1946 | professional association | Bengal (India) (corporateBody)

Logie | George | fl1958 | landscape gardener (person)

City and Royal Burgh of Edinburgh | local government | Edinburgh (Scotland) (corporateBody)

Rawlinson, Joseph (person)

Borough of Willesden (corporateBody)

Percy Johnson-Marshall & Associates (corporateBody)

London County Council (corporateBody)