Yvonne Kapp Papers 1941-1999


Yvonne Kapp Papers 1941-1999

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Aveling, Eleanor Marx, 1855-1898

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Edward Aveling was a leading member of the Independent Labour Party; married Karl Marx's daughter Eleanor. From the description of Archives 1865-1932. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 78850970 ...

Kapp, Yvonne, 1903-1999

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Kapp |Yvonne |1903-1999 | nee Mayer |writer and activist

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Born Yvonne Mayer, 1903; educated at King's College, London; married the artist Edmond Kapp in 1922; joined the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1936, following a visit to the Soviet Union; worked with Basque and Jewish refugees, 1937-1938; Assistant Director, British Committee to Refugees from Czechoslovakia, dismissed from her post by the Home Office, 1940, and wrote pamphlet 'British Policy and the Refugees', 1941; Research Officer, Amalgamated Engineering Union, 1941-1946; worked for Medica...

Burns, John Elliot, 1858-1943.

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John Burns was born in Lambeth in 1858; trained as an engineer and became active in the labour movement and local politics; leader of the London dock strike of 1889; elected to London County Council on its inception in 1889, remaining in office until 1907; also served as MP for Battersea (1892-1918) and was president of the Local Government Board (1905-1913) and the Board of Trade (1914); resigned from the Cabinet in protest at the British decision to declare war in August 1914; died 1943. ...

Communist party of Great Britain

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The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) was founded in 1920. The Party was based upon the philosophy of Karl Marx (1818-1883) and was inspired by the Russian Revolution of November 1917. The Communists believed that before long revolution would over throw Capitalism and end the exploitation of the working class. The Communist Party supported the Russian Revolution and for many years accepted Russian funds in order to spread its ideas. During the next 70 years hopes of revolution...

Amalgamated Engineering Union

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The Union was founded as the Amalgamated Society of Engineers in 1851 by the coming together of a number of separate organisations for mechanics, smiths, millwrights, engineers and machinists. A number of other, mainly local, organisations joined between 1893 and 1915. In 1920 nine other unions (the Steam Engine Makers Society, the United Machine Workers Association, the United Kingdom Society of Amalgamated Smiths and Strikers, the Associated Brassfounders, Turners, Fitters, Finish...