Wilhelm Filchner collection 1910-1911


Wilhelm Filchner collection 1910-1911

Correspondence (9 leaves)



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Penck, Albrecht, 1858-

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Albrecht Penck was born on 25 September 1858 in Reudnitz, near Leipzig. In 1885, he was appointed professor of geography at the University of Vienna, a post he held until 1906 when he was appointed professor of geography at the University of Berlin and director of the Institutes of Oceanology and Geography in Berlin. Penck specialized in geomorphology and climatology and was noted for his study of glaciation, his pioneering classification of landforms, and his work in the developmen...

Mossman, R. C. (Robert Cockburn), 1870-

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Filchner, Wilhelm

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Wilhelm Filchner was born in Germany in 1877. He trained in a military academy and was commissioned in the German army. Interested in survey and geophysics, he led two expeditions to the Polar Regions. His first expedition to Spitsbergen in 1910 was undertaken to provide polar experience and to test equipment for his forthcoming Antarctic expedition. Filchner then planned and led the German South Polar Expedition, 1911-1912, intending to cross Antarctica from the Weddell Sea to the ...

Müller Johannes

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Filchner, Wilhelm, 1877-1957

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Deutschland (Ship)

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German South Polar Expedition 1911-1912

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Heim, Fritz

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Fritz Heim joined the German South Polar Expedition, 1911-1912 (leader Wilhelm Filchner), as geologist. Filchner planned to attempt the first crossing of Antarctica. With a strong scientific team on board, the expedition ship Deutschland left Bremerhaven on 11 May 1911, arriving in South Georgia in October and making a brief visit to the South Sandwich Islands. Heading south towards the Weddell Sea in December, the ship sailed southward off Coats Land and in January 1912, Filchner saw land, whic...