Vitus Bearing collection 1792


Vitus Bearing collection, 1792

Vitus Bearing collection 1792

Expedition material (3 sheets)


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Vitus Jonassen Bearing (person)

Vitus Jonassen Bering was born in 1681 at Horsens, Denmark. In 1703, he joined the Russian Navy as a sub-lieutenant, serving in naval campaigns in the Baltic, Black and White Seas and advancing to the rank of captain (second class) in 1720. In 1725, he was appointed to lead the Russian Exploring Expedition, 1725-1730, instructed by Tsar Petr I to determine whether the easternmost extremity of Asia was connected to North America or whether there was a sea route between the two contin...

Russian Arctic Exploring Expedition 1725-1730 (corporateBody)

Bering, Vitus Jonassen, 1681-1741 (person)