British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909 1907-1909


British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909 1907-1909

Expedition material (5 volumes, 65 leaves, 4 maps)



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Shackleton, Ernest Henry, 1874-1922 (person)

Ernest Shackleton, leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition and part of two other Antarctic expeditions, acquired Polaris after her owner's financial trouble. Renamed Endurance after the Shackleton family motto Fortitudine vincimus (By Endurance we Conquer), she sailed intending to accomplish the first land crossing of the Antarctic continent. She departed for her final voyage on December 15, 1914 but progress was slow, averaging about 30 miles per day through pack ice. A month later, w...

Harbord Arthur, Edward, 1883-1961 (person)

Arthur Edward Harbord was born in Hull, England in 1883. Apprenticed to clipper ships at the age of twelve, Harbord received his Extra Masters Certificate at the age of twenty-two. In 1907, he was appointed to the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909 (leader Ernest Henry Shackleton), as second officer and navigator on Nimrod, later becoming chief officer on the return journey. He received a Polar Medal for his part in the expedition. After the expedition, he served in...

Cheetham, Alfred B., 1867-1918 (person)

Alfred B. Cheetham was born in Liverpool in 1867. He became a Merchant Navy boatswain working out of Hull, and a Royal Naval Reservist. He first saw the Antarctic as boatswain of the Morning, the relief ship sent to McMurdo Sound in 1902-1903 and 1903-1904 to assist the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904 (leader Robert Falcon Scott). Cheetham was then invited to join the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909 (leader Ernest Henry Shackleton), a...

Mackay, Alister Forbes, 1878-1914 (person)

Alister Forbes Mackay was born in Argyllshire, Scotland in 1877. He served as a trooper in the South African War before joining the Royal Navy as surgeon. In 1907, he was selected for the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909 (leader Ernest Henry Shackleton), as surgeon. In March 1908, Mackay was a member of the party making the first ascent of Mount Erebus (3794 metres). Shackleton decided that one of the major journeys during the coming months should be to the South Magnetic Pol...

Nimrod (Steam yacht) (corporateBody)

David, T. W. Edgeworth (Tannatt William Edgeworth), 1858-1934 (person)

Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth David was Professor of Geology and Palaeontology at the University of Sydney from 1891 to 1924. From the description of Geological chart, [1930?] [manuscript]. [1930?] (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 505958091 Geologist. From the description of Papers [manuscript]. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225763397 Geologist. Worked for the NSW Government Geological Survey 1882-1891; Professor of Geology and Phy...

Brocklehurst, Philip Lee 1887-1975 (person)

Philip Lee Brocklehurst was born in Swythamley Park, Staffordshire on 7 March 1887, becoming the second baronet in 1903. In 1906, while an undergraduate at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, he met Ernest Henry Shackleton and the following year joined the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909 (led by Shackleton), as a scientific assistant. Badly frostbitten feet prevented him from making the first ascent of Mount Erebus, but the subsequent amputation of his toe did not prevent him from part...

England Rupert 1878-1942 (person)

Marshall, Eric (Eric Stewart), 1879-1963 (person)

George H. Marshall (1879-1963) was born in Leroy Kansas. Although he took work at Columbia University in New York, he received his AB and MA degrees from the University of Kansas at Lawrence. From 1903 until 1905 he was in the United States Indians Service, beginning as teacher at the Havasupai school. During his time there Marshall kept a diary and wrote several articles. He also documented his stay in the canyon through photographs. He was a school man for 54 years, serving as superintendant o...

Dunlop Harry fl 1907 (person)

Wild John Robert Francis 1873-1939 (person)

Evans Frederick Price 1874-1959 (person)

Mawson, Douglas, Sir, 1882-1958 (person)

Sir Douglas Mawson (1882-1958) was an Antarctic explorer and geologist. Member, Shackleton's expedition, 1907. Leader, Australian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914. Appointed Professor of Geology, Adelaide University, 1920. Leader, B.A.N.Z. Antarctic Research Expedition 1929-1931. Married 1914 Francisca Adriana (Paquita) Delprat (1891-1974), author of A Vision of Steel (1958) and Mawson of the Antarctic (1964). From the description of Papers of Sir Douglas and Lady Paquita Mawson [manus...

Joyce, Ernest E. Mills (Ernest Edward Mills), -1940 (person)

Day Bernard C. b 1884 (person)

Mackintosh, A. L. A. (Aeneas Lionel Acton), 1879-1916 (person)

British Antarctic Expedition (1907-1909) (corporateBody)

The British Antarctic Expedition of 1907-1909, also known as the The Nimrod Expedition, was the first of three successful expeditions to the Antarctic led by Ernest Shackleton. Its main target, among a range of geographical and scientific objectives, was to be first to the South Pole. This was not attained, but the expedition's southern march reached a Farthest South latitude of 88° 23' S, just 97.5 nautical miles (180.6 km; 112.2 mi) from the pole. This was by far the longest southern polar jou...

Priestley, Raymond E. (Raymond Edward), 1886-1974 (person)