Papers of Dorothy Greaves (Museum Warden at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum) 1838-2008


Papers of Dorothy Greaves (Museum Warden at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum) 1838-2008

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Thomas Allsop 1795-1880, entered the silk mercery trade in London in 1812. He then joined the Stock Exchange. He made the acquaintance of Samuel Coleridge in 1818, and on the poet's death published his 'Letters, Conversations, and Recollections'. Allsop was also a friend of the essayists Charles Lamb (1775-1834), William Hazlitt (1778-1830), and the poet Barry Cornwall (1787-1874). Allsop provided the Irish Radical Feargus O'Connor (1796-1855) with his property qualification as representative of...

Greaves, Dorothy., 1931-2010 (person)

Dorothy was a Warden at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum for a period during the 1980s and later from 1994 until her health failed, and spent much of her spare time over the years researching the 28 Men of Rochdale. She developed a knowledge of her boys as individuals, and as people, not just as historical names and visitors to the Museum loved her descriptions of their characters as well as their lives. Dorothy traced the families of the Pioneers to the present day, sometimes contactin...

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