Co-operative Party Papers Dec 1917- 11 Mar 1998


Co-operative Party Papers Dec 1917- 11 Mar 1998

702 files, 28 volumes, 42 items



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Smith, Hilda, 1900-1999 (person)

Blair, Tony, 1953- (person)

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was born May 6, 1953, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He earned his law degree from St. John’s College of the University of Oxford. He met his future wife, Cherie Booth while at Oxford. They married in 1980. They have four children. Tony Blair’s political career began in 1983, when he first ran for a seat in the House of Commons representing the Labour Party. He joined the shadow cabinet in 1988, and went on to be elected Leader of the Opposition in 1994. In the 1990...

Wise David fl 1969-1992 (person)

Dixon Bill fl 1987 (person)

Coldrick William fl 1896-1951 (person)

Bax Arthur fl 1966 (person)

Sutcliffe I fl 1993 (person)

Stables Trevor fl 1981 (person)

Stonehouse John fl 1967 (person)

Jones Helen 1900-1999 (person)

Telford Peter fl 1992 (person)

Green Pauline b 1948 (person)

Maddison A 1900-1999 (person)

Scoble Mary 1900-1999 (person)

Rillstone Marion fl 1993 (person)

MacDougall Mike fl 1991 (person)

Davis Margaret fl 1974-1987 (person)

Williams W T 1900-1999 (person)

Cusack Joe fl 1971 (person)

Palmer Arthur Montague Frank 1912- fl 1962 (person)

Merry Dennis fl 1978-1984 (person)

Slater Harriet 1903-1976 (person)

Balfe Richard b 1944 (person)

Jones Barry fl 1967 (person)

Jones George fl 1980 (person)

Derrick Paul fl 1967 (person)

Ballard Albert fl 1955-1957 Chairman of Co-operative Party 1955-1957 (person)

Parkinson John fl 1972-1978 Chair of Co-operative Party, 1972-1978 (person)

Smith Jimmy 1900-1999 (person)

Furbank George 1900-1999 (person)

Wright Joyce 1900-1999 (person)

Ledger Arthur 1900-1999 (person)

Dinkenor Andrew 1900-1999 (person)

Sawyer Tom fl 1990 (person)

Palmer Sarah fl 1970-1995 (person)

Butler Victor 1911-1992 Councillor 1952-1986 (person)

Ridealgh Mabel 1900-1999 (person)

Vallis Roger fl 1976 (person)

Arlow Alec 1900-1999 (person)

Brown George fl 1991 (person)

Hilton William Samuel 1926-1999 (person)

Craigen James Mark 1938- fl 1985 (person)

Matthewson Maurita fl 1970-1989 (person)

Bluer Dick fl 1990 (person)

Shaw Brenda fl 1993 (person)

Blizzard John fl 1992-1993 (person)

Shepherd Charles 1900-1999 (person)

Harrison Joan 1900-1999 (person)

Cunningham George fl 1988 (person)

Edwards Robert 1906- fl 1952 (person)

Callaghan, James, 1912-2005 (person)

Stewart Robin 1900-1999 (person)

Clark David George b 1939 (person)

Beider Harris fl 1991 (person)

Richards Harry 1900-1999 (person)

Bailey Harry 1900-1999 (person)

Toghill Ray fl 1984 (person)

Douglas George 1900-1999 (person)

Tongue Carol fl 1984 (person)

Palmer Arthur Montague Frank 1912-1994 (person)

Coldrick William 20 Jan 1894- 15 Sep 1975 (person)

Whitehead Jean fl 1993 (person)

Tilley, John, 1941-2005 (person)

Sumner Patricia 1900-1999 (person)

Wrigglesworth Ian William 1939- fl 1971 (person)

Bennett Graham fl 1993 (person)

Willis Norah 1900-1999 (person)

Moncrieff Harry 1900-1999 (person)

Stephen Jessie 1900-1999 (person)

Forman John C 1884- fl 1961 (person)

Cornillie Louis 1900-1999 (person)

Jones Jon Owen fl 1990 (person)

Duffin John fl 1977 (person)

Miles David fl 1986 (person)

Campbell-Bannerman, Henry, 1836-1908 (person)

British statesman and prime minister. From the description of Letter : to [Sir Cecil?] Spring Rice, [190-?] March 9. (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC); University of Texas at Austin). WorldCat record id: 86141853 Prime Minister. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Belmont Castle, Meigle, Scotland, to W.A. Knight, 1896 Jan. 7. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270132833 ...

Lamb Joan fl 1992 (person)

McCuthcheon Richard 1900-1999 (person)

Craigen James Mark b 1938 (person)

Kenward Roger fl 1970 (person)

Layzell Jim fl 1976 (person)

Willis Norah Eileen fl 1971 (person)

Goodrum Les fl 1975-1984 (person)

Whitcher Jill fl 1989 (person)

Rhodes Rita 1900-1999 (person)

Bloom John 1900-1999 (person)

Gordon D fl 1950 (person)

Dodd Norman Noel fl 1904-1965 (person)

Hutchinson Mary fl 1988 (person)

Gaitskell, Hugh, 1906-1963 (person)

Sloman Martyn 1900-1999 (person)

Nally W 1900-1999 (person)

Taylor Alan fl 1976-1989 (person)

Meteyard Martin fl 1990 (person)

Pearce Chrissie fl 1990 (person)

Roper John Francis Hodges 1935- fl 1981 (person)

Dyson Ada 1900-1999 (person)

Butler Joyce 1910-1992 (person)

Higgins Betty fl 1993 (person)

Pugh Trevor fl 1975-1977 (person)

Litting Anne fl 1973-1984 (person)

Irving Sydney 1918- fl 1955 (person)

Cameron H fl 1993 (person)

Carnegie Jessie fl 1980-1995 Co-operative Party Chair, 1989-1995 (person)

Renilson Sylvia fl 1992-1993 (person)

Turvey T fl 1977-1992 (person)

Wrigglesworth Ian 1900-1999 (person)

Bedford Ted 1900-1999 (person)

Wood Max 1900-1999 (person)

Anderson John 1900-1999 (person)

Campbell David fl 1984 (person)

Blackman David 1900-1999 (person)

Jacques John Henry 1905-1995 (person)

Smith Margaret fl 1992 (person)

Wilson George fl 1984 (person)

Evans John 1900-1999 (person)

Rhodes Geoffrey 1900-1999 (person)

Cooke Frank b 1935 (person)

Lamb James fl 1986 (person)

Enright Duncan 1900-1999 (person)

Pidsley Barbara fl 1988-1993 (person)

Starkey Doris fl 1969 (person)

Douglas Richard Giles b 1932 (person)

Birch Len E 1900-1999 (person)

Jordan Bill fl 1984 (person)

James Howell 1900-1999 (person)

Mortimer Jim fl 1981 (person)

Bargh William 1900-1999 (person)

Borcherds Peter 1900-1999 (person)

Wrigley Chris 1900-1999 (person)

Oram, Albert Edward, 1913-1999 (person)

Albert Edward Oram, 1913-1999, was educated at Brighton Grammar School and the University of London (London School of Economics and Institute of Education). He became a teacher, but left the profession to become a research officer for the Co-operative Party, 1946-1955. He was a Labour and Co-operative Party MP for East Ham South, 1955-1974, Parliamentary Secretary, 1964-1969, and a Government Whip, 1976-1978. He was greatly interested in aiding development throughout the world and was a member o...

McGowan Mike 1900-1999 (person)

Beswick Frank 1911-1987 (person)

Ford Donal W 1900-1999 (person)

Owen William James 1901-1981 (person)

Nurse Peter fl 1993-1996 Co-operative Party Chairman 1995-1996 (person)

Maddocks Bill 1900-1999 (person)

Mani S fl 1970-1979 (person)

Knowles Richard Marchant 1917-2008 (person)

Graham Ted E fl 1925-1972 (person)

Rhodes Bernard 1900-1999 (person)

Rowbotham Peter 1900-1999 (person)

Irwin Nancy 1900-1999 (person)

Bastin Brian 1900-1999 (person)

Marsh Richard fl 1950 (person)

Trotter Jim 1900-1999 (person)

Davis Margaret fl 1981-1987 (person)

Ward Claire Margaret b 1972 (person)

Anderson John fl 1988 (person)

Garnsworthy C J 1900-1999 (person)

Weir Richard S 1933- (person)

Gallacher J fl 1977 (person)

Garrett Roy 1931-1994 (person)

Merry Cicely fl 1984 (person)

Fynn Mary fl 1990 (person)

Gigg Ken fl 1956 (person)

Hadden Alan fl 1984 (person)

Lydiard Simon fl 1990 (person)

Skelly I fl 1993 (person)

Dunwoodie D 1900-1999 (person)

Storer Donald 1900-1999 (person)

Ward Claire Margaret 9 May 1972- (person)

Walker Martin fl 1993-1995 (person)

Westcott Fred 1900-1999 (person)

Edington Sandra fl 1949 (person)

Nock Bill fl 1990 (person)

Smythe Rita 1900-1999 (person)

Davis Ron fl 1990 (person)

Frogatt Karen fl 1994 (person)

Smyth Derek 1900-1999 (person)

Pavitt Laurence Anstice 1914- fl 1966 (person)

Acklaw John 1900-1999 (person)

Jones D fl 1993 (person)

Sharma Virendra Kumar 1947- (person)

Goodrum Les fl 1957-1990 (person)

Slater Harriet 1903- fl 1964 (person)

Roper John Frances Hodgess b 1935 (person)

Rogers Beth fl 1995 (person)

Smith Les fl 1984 (person)

Pidsley Barbara 1900-1999 (person)

Wise David fl 1977-1992 (person)

Mabon Jesse Dickson 1925-2008 (person)

Herries Chris fl 1989 (person)

Lamb Jimmy B 1900-1999 (person)

Sheerman Barry John 17 Aug 1940- (person)

Allonby David 1900-1999 (person)

Brown George 1914-1985 (person)

Smythe Eric fl 1959 (person)

Vessey Pat fl 1989 (person)

Peddie 1900-1999 (person)

Huckfield Leslie John b 1942 (person)

Wistrich Ernest 1900-1999 (person)

Allaun Frank 1900-1999 (person)

Douglas Richard Giles 1932- fl 1990 (person)

Chalfont 1900-1999 (person)

Goodall P fl 1978 (person)

Bunn Reg fl 1988 (person)

Owen William J fl 1930-1972 (person)

Stuart Cole Jim 1900-1999 (person)

Barnes Alfred 1887-1974 (person)

Co-operative Party (Great Britain) (corporateBody)

Seeing the need for a political watchdog in the co-operative movement, The Joint Parliamentary Committee was set up in 1881. It was primarily a watchdog on parliamentary activities. They looked at the problem of under-representation and lobbying. Issues and legislation could only be raised in the House of Commons by lobbying sympathetic Members of Parliament. As it was somewhat unsatisfactory to have to lobby MPs on each individual issue, motions were passed at the Co-operative Unio...

Dowling Sharon fl 1995 (person)

Gartside John 1900-1999 (person)

Howe Lily fl 1970 (person)

Genese c 1900-1999 (person)

Wheeldon W H 1900-1999 (person)

Merry Dennis fl 1979 (person)

Hellowell Brian fl 1963-1995 (person)

Landau Dennis b 1927 (person)

Shutler Mike 1937- (person)

Ledger Ron fl 1955-1970 (person)

Spence Saxon fl 1981 (person)

Liddle N fl 1993 (person)

Decker Ron 1900-1999 (person)

Gordon Alex fl 1984 (person)

Stears Martin 1900-1999 (person)

Tanner Dennis fl 1991 (person)

Turvey Daisy fl 1992 (person)

Sabin Dennis fl 1986 (person)

Evans Ioan Lyonel 1927-1984 (person)

Vallis Roger fl 1990 (person)

Dixon Bill fl 1981 (person)

Morris, Alfred, 1928-2012 (person)

Morgan Gwyn 1900-1999 (person)

Taggart Steven fl 1991 (person)

Wise David 1962-1992 (person)

Hinchley Teresa 1900-1999 (person)

Turner Dennis 1942- (person)

Fenton Cecil 1900-1999 (person)

Munn Reg 1900-1999 (person)

Smith Willie 1900-1999 (person)

Lestor Joan 1900-1999 (person)

O'Brien Oswald 1928-1997 (person)

Armstrong Jack 1900-1999 (person)

Paskin Dianne 1900-1999 (person)

Darling George 1905-1985 (person)

Newens Arthur Stanley b 1930 (person)

Tasker Jack fl 1978 (person)

Longden F 1900-1999 (person)

Bevin, Ernest, 1881-1951 (person)

Bevin was a British labor leader and politician. He served as the British Minister of Labour (1940-1945) and as Foreign Secretary (1945-1951). Rosita Forbes (1893?-1967) was the consumate traveler in and writer on north Africa, the Middle East and western Asia. From the description of [Letter] 1945 Nov. 27, Foreign Office, S.W. 1 [to] Rosita Forbes / Ernest Bevin. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 166268415 1892-1894 farm labourer, Chaffcombe farm, then Beers...

Kennedy Roy fl 1984 (person)

Co-operative Party 1917- (corporateBody)

Pugh Trevor fl 1975 (person)

Kennedy Malcolm fl 1992-1998 (person)

Stewart Robin fl 1991 (person)

Brabham Joyce fl 1984 (person)

Bastin B fl 1974 (person)

Kenward Roger fl 1975 (person)

McFall John b 1944 (person)

Waterson A E fl 1917 (person)

Maddison A fl 1957 (person)

Tomlinson John Edward b 1939 (person)

McWalter Tony b 1945 (person)

Booth Arthur 1900-1999 (person)

Peddie, James Mortimer., 1905-1978 (person)

Parker T J fl 1965 (person)

Edgington Sandra 1900-1999 (person)

Harris Toby 1900-1999 (person)

Bachelor Betty fl 1995 (person)

Little Jim 1900-1999 (person)

Bailey Harry fl 1977 (person)

Smith Willie fl 1988 (person)

Carter Denis Victor 1932-2006 (person)

McFall John fl 1990-1999 (person)

Williams William Thomas 1915- fl 1961 (person)

Kemp Herbert fl 1965-1972 Co-operative Party Chair, 1965-1972 (person)

Armstrong Jack fl 1981 (person)

Tomlinson Richard fl 1993-1995 (person)

McAvoy Thomas fl 1993 (person)

Turvey T fl 1977-1993 (person)

Woodell Vivien fl 1990-1992 (person)

Rankin John 1900-1999 (person)

Marsh R fl 1955 (person)

Fulker Cecil 1900-1999 (person)

Schaffer Gordon 1900-1999 (person)

Lewis Bernard 1900-1999 (person)

Morris Roy 1900-1999 (person)

Beswick Frank 1911- fl 1964 (person)

Mitchell G fl 1995 (person)

Morris Alf 1928- (person)

Bell E P fl 1969 (person)

Robertson Jamie 1900-1999 (person)

Graham Thomas Edward b 1925 (person)

Ridealgh Mabel 1898-1989 (person)

Sumner Chris fl 1980 (person)

Simpson Emma fl 1995 (person)

Taylor Alan fl 1984 (person)

Chapman Roni fl 1989-1995 (person)

Gibbons Eva fl 1971 (person)

Ranger Don fl 1992 (person)

Tinnion Paul fl 1983-2006 (person)

Peart Fred 1900-1999 (person)

Jones Mike T 1900-1999 (person)

Bell Percy fl 1967 (person)

Coldrick William 1894-1975 (person)

Wise David J fl 1979-1992 (person)

Madocks Bill fl 1978 (person)

Funnell Rod fl 1984 (person)

Owen Peter 1900-1999 (person)

Constable A fl 1993 (person)

Beider Harris 1900-1999 (person)

Wareing Bob 1900-1999 (person)

Winterton Chris fl 1990 (person)

Rudd John fl 1978 (person)

Hill Joe fl 1995 (person)

Edwards, Bob (person)

Foley David fl 1980 (person)

Mitchell M fl 1995 (person)

Dewar, Donald, 1937-2000 (person)

Dodds Norman Noel 1903-1965 (person)

Adams Bill 1900-1999 (person)

Newens Arthur Stanley 1930- fl 1971 (person)

Cousins James Mackay b 1944 (person)

Wise Doreen fl 1969-1992 (person)

Davis Margaret fl 1981 (person)

Prestage John fl 1977 (person)

Evans Ioan Lyonel 1927- fl 1961 (person)

Leonard W 1900-1999 (person)

Carr N 1900-1999 (person)

Johansson Inga Britt fl 1991 (person)

Cornish Michael 1900-1999 (person)

Holman Percy 1891- fl 1964 (person)

McAvoy Tom fl 1990-1999 (person)

Bean David 1900-1999 (person)

Clarke Peter fl 1977-1996 (person)

Molloy Bill 1900-1999 (person)

Hattersley, Roy Sydney George, b 1932 (person)

Butler Joyce Shore 1910-1992 (person)

Egerton William fl 1992 Lord Mayor of Manchester, 1992-93 (person)

Herriot Pauline 1900-1999 (person)

McMaster Gordon 1960-1997 (person)

Irving Sydney 1918-1989 (person)

Begbie Ina fl 1989 (person)

Campbell Harold 1900-1999 (person)

Butcher Melvyn 1900-1999 (person)

Baker Joan 1900-1999 (person)

Farrow William H fl 1986 President of Co-operative Congress 1986 (person)

Holman Percy 1891-1978 (person)

Stephens Nick 1958- (person)

Clifford Annie Elizabeth fl 1983 Lord Mayor of Newport City 1983-1984 (person)

Gosnall Albert fl 1978 (person)

Kennedy Malcolm fl 1975-1997 (person)

Butler Frank 1900-1999 (person)

Cartwright John Cameron b 1933 (person)

Jones T H 1900-1999 (person)

Watkins William Pascoe 1893-1995 (person)

Dodds Eva 1900-1999 (person)

Lankham Dawn fl 1990 (person)

Pavitt Laurence Anstice 1914-1989 (person)

Moonie Lewis fl 1987-1992 (person)

Foot Michael Mackintosh b 1913 Labour Party leader, 1980-1983 (person)

McDougall Simon fl 1995 (person)

Thomas Michael Stuart 1944- fl 1970 (person)

Evans Ioan Lyonel 1927- fl 1974 (person)