Papers of the Co-operative Commission 2000 Feb 1990-10 Jun 2001 (predominantly 2000-2001)


Papers of the Co-operative Commission 2000 Feb 1990-10 Jun 2001 (predominantly 2000-2001)

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Smith, Hilda, 1900-1999 (person)

Blair, Tony, 1953- (person)

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was born May 6, 1953, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He earned his law degree from St. John’s College of the University of Oxford. He met his future wife, Cherie Booth while at Oxford. They married in 1980. They have four children. Tony Blair’s political career began in 1983, when he first ran for a seat in the House of Commons representing the Labour Party. He joined the shadow cabinet in 1988, and went on to be elected Leader of the Opposition in 1994. In the 1990...

Jones, Jane. a member of a co-operative (person)

York and Humberside Co-operative Retail Society Party (corporateBody)

Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Bristol banch (corporateBody)

Heriot-Watt University Social Enterprise Unit (corporateBody)

Fishburn Hedges Group (corporateBody)

Penrith Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Sandison, Gerald. an employee of Waitrose (person)

Brixham Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

UpStart Wokers' Co-operative (corporateBody)

Conchie, George (person)

Zadek, Simon. New Economics Foundation research director (person)

Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (corporateBody)

UNIFI Trade Union (corporateBody)

Rogers, Frank (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Home Counties Branch Committee (corporateBody)

Walker, John. member if the Co-operative Retail Society (person)

Eyres, Bill. employee of the Co-operative Bank (person)

Midlands Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Chew, Duncan. a member of a co-operatives history group (person)

Labour Representation Committee (Great Britain : 1900-1906) (corporateBody)

In the 1895 General Election the Independent Labour Party put up 28 candidates but won only 44,325 votes. James Keir Hardie (1856-1915), the leader of the party believed that to obtain success in parliamentary elections, it would be necessary to join with other left-wing groups. On 27th February 1900, representatives of all the socialist groups in Britain (the Independent Labour Party, the Social Democratic Federation and the Fabian Society, met with trade union leaders at the Memorial Hall in F...

Smith, David (person)

Epithet: of Postling British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001199.0x0002dc Epithet: Manager of the N British Insurance Office British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001199.0x0002da Epithet: bootmaker, of Glasgow British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001199.0x0002d9 ...

Leeds Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Oxford, Swindon and Gloucester Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Perry, Joe, 1950- (person)

Ilkeston Consumer Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Woodcraft Folk (corporateBody)

Oxford, Swindon and Gloucester Co-opertive Society Limited (corporateBody)

Gatherer, W (person)

Watts, Rosemary (person)

Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union (corporateBody)

South East Regioanl Co-operative Council (corporateBody)

Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society Limited. (corporateBody)

Industrial Common Ownership Finance (corporateBody)

Global Co-operation Inc (corporateBody)

Tarling, Catherine (person)

Co-operative Futures (corporateBody)

New Statesman (corporateBody)

Co-operative Party Haringey Branch (corporateBody)

Reading and District Co-operative Party (corporateBody)

Tamworth Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited East Anglia Branch Committee (corporateBody)

UNISON Northwest Region (corporateBody)

The Co-operative Commission 2000 (corporateBody)

The Co-operative Commission was an independent commission established in February 2000, with the support of the Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, and was officially announced of 24 Feb that year. It was called into existence in response to two events: the impending merger of the Co-operative Wholesale Society and the Co-operative Retail Society in Apr 2000, and the threat of demutualisation of the co-operative societies (particularly the Co-operative Wholesale Soci...

Anglia Regional Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Connor, Bill (person)

Ipswich and Norwich Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Pedelty, Mervyn., d 2010 (person)

Jeffs, Muriel. a member of a co-operative (person)

West Midlands Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Donnelly, Alan (person)

Co-operative Party Wansbeck and Berwick Branch (corporateBody)

Fyfe, Len. Co-operative Wholesale Society Chairman (person)

UK Co-operative Council Legal Working Group (corporateBody)

United Norwest Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Co-operative Union (corporateBody)

This collection contains material created for the 150th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the Rochdale Pioneers Equitable Co-operative Society in 1844, which is known as the first modern co-operative society. Various events took place in and around the town of Rochdale. From the guide to the Rochdale Pioneers 150th Anniversary Celebrations, 1993-1994, (National Co-operative Archive) In 1955, a resolution was adopted by the Edinburgh Congress of the Co-operative Uni...

Middleton, Alan (person)

Rochdale Equitable Pioneers' Society (corporateBody)

Co-operative Bank plc (corporateBody)

Hounslow and Spelthorne Co-operative Party (corporateBody)

Parnell, Edgar. a former employee of co-operatives (person)

Roger, Sam (person)

University of Leicester Unit for Membership Based Relations (corporateBody)

Colcester and East Essex Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

East Midlands Co-operative Council (corporateBody)

The Co-operative Commission, 2000-2001 (corporateBody)

Coomber, A. a member of the Co-operative Group (person)

Moffat, Alistair. editor of the New Statesman Scotland (person)

Deakin, Simon (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Huddersfield Member Relations Committee (corporateBody)

Brown, George. former member of Scottish co-operatives (person)

Sheffield Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Franklin, Raoul N. (person)

Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Great Britain) (corporateBody)

Hird, Christopher. director of Fulcrun T. V. (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Review Board (corporateBody)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Merseyside Member Relations Committee (corporateBody)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Barnsley Member Relations Committee (corporateBody)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Doncaster Member Relations Committee (corporateBody)

Sparks, Leigh. professor (person)

Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Monks, John. Chairman of the Co-operative Commission 2000, b 1945 (person)

Butterfield, Leslie. employee of Partners BDDH (person)

Nugee, Christopher. member of the Queen's Counsel (person)

Gee, Muriel (person)

Radstock Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Co-Operative College (corporateBody)

The Co-operative College was established in 1919 as an adult and staff training centre for the co-operative movement and was initially based in the Co-operative Union building, Holyoake House, Manchester. Under the guidance of the Principal, Professor Fred Hall MA, it attracted large numbers of students, including many from overseas co-operatives. During the Second World War, the Training Centre on the top floor of Holyoake House was destroyed during the Manchester Blitz, making replacement prem...

Co-operative congress (corporateBody)

Poptel (corporateBody)

Baldwin, Ashley (person)

Fyfe, Lennox. Baron Fyfe of Fairfield, 1941-2011 (person)

Co-operative Party (Great Britain) (corporateBody)

Seeing the need for a political watchdog in the co-operative movement, The Joint Parliamentary Committee was set up in 1881. It was primarily a watchdog on parliamentary activities. They looked at the problem of under-representation and lobbying. Issues and legislation could only be raised in the House of Commons by lobbying sympathetic Members of Parliament. As it was somewhat unsatisfactory to have to lobby MPs on each individual issue, motions were passed at the Co-operative Unio...

Simon, David. Baron Simon of Highbury C. B. E., b 1939 (person)

Richards, David. member of the Queen's Counsel (person)

Co-operative Press Limited (corporateBody)

Southern Co-operatives Limited (corporateBody)

Co-operative Insurance Society Limited (corporateBody)

Donnelly, Alan. Secretary of the Co-operative Commission 2000, b 1957 (person)

Hay Management Consultants (corporateBody)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Greater Nottingham Regional Co-operative (corporateBody)

Midlands Co-operative Society Leicester Regional Party Council (corporateBody)

Kreogh, Carmen (person)

Cobbetts Solicitors (corporateBody)

Strode-House, David. member of a co-operative society (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited General Council (corporateBody)

Morris, Alf. Lord (person)

Fisher, Shaun. a member of the Co-operative Wholesale Society (person)

Southampton Area Co-operative Development Agency (corporateBody)

Lincoln Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Northern Ireland Co-operative Society (corporateBody)

Building Societies Association (Great Britain) (corporateBody)

Eastern Region Co-operative Council (corporateBody)

Mathews, Charles Race Thorson. co-operartive economist (person)

Turnbull, Pete. an employee of co-operatives (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Party (corporateBody)

Open University Co-operative Research Unit (corporateBody)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited South Midlands Regional Co-operative (corporateBody)

National Association of Co-operative Officials (corporateBody)

Harrington-Vale, Ray. a member of the Co-operative Retail Society (person)

UBS Warburg (corporateBody)

Holyoake, George-Jacob 1817-1906 (person)

George Jacob Holyoake was an English social reformer. His father was a smith, and Holyoake worked in the foundry, before encountering the socialist ideas of Robert Owen. He became a Chartist and teacher, and also wrote and edited socialist periodicals. Imprisoned for condemning Christianity, he founded the important socialist journal The Reasoner. He also opposed government censorship of the press, and worked for tax reform and other causes. From the description of George Jacob Holyo...

Cook, Jacqueline (person)

Barker, Daryl. member of the Co-operative Party (person)

Labour Party Natiobal Executive Committee (corporateBody)

Hughes, Alan (person)

Whittle, Kate. a former employee of co-operatives (person)

Richell, Colin J. an employee of a co-operative (person)

Burlton, Bob (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Bristol Branch Limited (corporateBody)

Esatern Region Co-operative Council (corporateBody)

Durham Co-operative Development Association (corporateBody)

Gander, V A . a member of the Co-operative Group (person)

Social Enterprise London (corporateBody)

Blears, Hazel. M. P., b 1956 (person)

Godbold, Chris (person)

Social Investment Task Force (corporateBody)

Wareham, Neil. a member of the Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Manchester Regional Board (provisional) (corporateBody)

Wolverhampton Co-operative Party (corporateBody)

Raunds Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Lothian Border and Angus Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Allchin, Kenneth (person)

International Co-operative Alliance. (corporateBody)

Robertson, Kevin. a member of a co-operative (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Humberside Member Relations Committee (corporateBody)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited (corporateBody)

Brenda, C H . a former member of co-operatives (person)

Waltham Forest Co-operative Party (corporateBody)

Co-operative Retail Society Limited (corporateBody)

Boss, Jeffery. a former union officer, a council member (person)

Co-operative Party Leicester West branch (corporateBody)

Co-operative Accounting Standards Committee (corporateBody)

L.E.K. Consulting (corporateBody)

Communist Party of Britain (corporateBody)

Industrial Common Ownership Movement (corporateBody)

Heart of England Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Courtneidge, John. member of the Co-operative Party (person)

Hill, Gerald (person)

Welsh Food Alliance (corporateBody)

Green Pauline b 1948 (person)

Conwell, Sonya. member of the United Norwest Co-operative Society (person)

Craigen, Jim (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited North East and Cumbria Branch (corporateBody)

Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited (corporateBody)

Trades Union Congress. Education and Social Affairs Department (corporateBody)

The Trades Union Congress is a voluntary association of trade unions which was formed in Manchester in 1868. It forms the largest pressure group in the United Kingdom and works to improve the rights and conditions of working people. In achieving its aims the TUC has played a role both in many Government organisations and in the political wing of the Labour movement. Such a history has resulted in its archives being a rich source for the study of the political, economic and social hi...

The Co-operative Group (corporateBody)

The modern co-operative movement evolved from the activities of the Rochdale Pioneers in 1844. The basic idea was that each co-operative would run a shop which sold local produce and that each member of the co-operative had shares in the shop. The manufacturing of goods to sell would also provide employment for the co-operative's members. Co-operatives were not just economic in nature; there was also a social dimension. They could help members improve their own conditions and create...

Pitt-Watson, David., b 1956 (person)

Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited Cambridge Branch Committee (corporateBody)

Job Ownership Limited (corporateBody)

Whiteley, Geoffrey. a former employee of co-operatives (person)

Institute of Chartered Accountants (corporateBody)