Charles Seligman: Ethnological Notes c.1910-1940


Charles Seligman: Ethnological Notes, c.1910-1940

Charles Seligman: Ethnological Notes c.1910-1940

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Seligman, Charles Gabriel (person)

Charles Gabriel Seligman (1873-1940), ethnologist, was part of A.C. Haddon's Cambridge anthropological expedition to the Torres Strait and Borneo in 1898. He led an anthropological expedition to New Guinea in 1904, and in 1906 was asked by the Ceylon government to make an ethnological study of the Veddas. Seligman was Professor of Ethnology in London University, 1913-34, and President of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 1923-25. From the guide to the Charles Seligman: Ethnologica...

Seligman, C. G. (Charles Gabriel), 1873-1940 (person)

Charles Seligman, 1873-1940, was educated at St Paul's School. He qualified as a doctor and became Director of the Clinical Laboratory at St Thomas's hospital, and also treated shellshock victims during World War One. He became interested in tropical diseases and it was for this reason that he went on his first expedition to Borneo and the Torres Straits. Whilst there, he developed an interest in anthropology and the rest of his life was devoted to this discipline. He also attempted to combine d...