Jo Spence Collection 1980s-1992


Jo Spence Collection 1980s-1992

2 files and 50 slides



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Jo Spence, 1934-1992 (person)

Jo Spence was born in London on 15 June 1934. She was a writer, photo therapist and cultural worker. From 1967-1974 she ran a successful portrait and wedding studio in London. After becoming more politicised she abandoned commercial work and became a documentary, then agitprop photographer, beginning to work with others (principally Terry Dennett) on a collaborative or cooperative basis. In 1974 she set up Photography Workshop which later combined its programme with the Half Moon Gallery to form...

Martin, Rosy (person)

Half Moon Gallery (corporateBody)

Hackney Flashers Collective. (corporateBody)

British Film Institute (corporateBody)

Spence, Jo. artist, 1934-1992 (person)

Polytechnic of central London (corporateBody)

Dennett, Terry (person)

Coward, Ros (person)

Burgin, Victor. (person)

Kirby, Kim (person)