Russell Collection 1756-1849


Russell Collection 1756-1849

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Endlicher, Stephan, 1804-1849 (person)

Jacquin, Nikolaus Joseph, Freiherr von, 1727-1817 (person)

Jacquin was the first German writer to employ the binary system extensively and described many new species. He held the chair of chemistry and botany in the medical faculty of the University of Vienna from 1768-1796. He was made a noble in 1774 and a baron in 1806. He was an important exponent of Joseph Black and of Linnaeus. In 1783 he published his lectures as Anfangsgründe der medicinisch-practischen Chymie zum Gebrauch seiner Vorlesungen. From the description of Notata Collegior...

Fitzinger, Leopold Joseph, 1802-1884 (person)

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 (person)

Composer. From the description of Ludwig van Beethoven autograph letter to Count Franz von Brunswick, [1813]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 242622425 From the description of Ludwig van Beethoven autograph letter to Josef Blöchlinger, [1819 Aug.]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 242622372 From the description of Ludwig van Beethoven autograph letter to the Chevalier Josef de Varena, 1812 July 19. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 242622275 From the description...

Russell Odo William Leopold 1829-1884 (person)

Lord Odo William Leopold Russell, 1829-1884 (person)

Lord Odo Russell was born in Florence on 20 February 1829, the son of Major-General Lord George William Russell. He was educated by tutors and his mother, and became fluent in French, Italian and German. His diplomatic career started in 1849, when he was appointed an Attach at the Embassy in Vienna. From then on, his career took him to London, Paris, the United States Italy and Germany. He was at the Foreign Office in London from 1850 to 1852; and in Italy, mainly Rome, for twelve years 1858-187...

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832 (person)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (b. August 29, 1749, Free Imperial City of Frankfurt-d. March 22, 1832, Weimar) was a German poet, playwright, novelist, and natural scientist. He is often ranked with Shakespeare and Dante as one of the three most important poets in history. Goethe gained early fame with The Sorrows of Young Werther, published in 1774, but his most famous work is Faust, a poetic drama in two parts....

Jacquin, Joseph Franz, Freiherr von (person)