Intelligence and Investigative Dossiers Personal Files, ca. 1977–ca. 2004


Intelligence and Investigative Dossiers Personal Files, ca. 1977–ca. 2004


This series consists of reports, affidavits, articles, biographies, memorandums, statements, applications, summaries, translations, interviews, questionnaires, testimonies, transcripts, photographs, certificates, and other records related to specific individuals, collected during the course of investigations. Many of the materials relate to World War II-era personalities, including individuals connected with German wartime intelligence and security organizations; German and Japanese war criminals; senior political and military leaders; alleged collaborators and informants; allied or enemy agents; and others. The series also includes records relating to postwar personalities, including alleged Soviet and Communist Bloc intelligence agents; foreign citizens viewed as subversive; refugees from Communist or former Axis countries; Axis scientists brought to the United States under Project PAPERCLIP; Japanese prisoners of war repatriated from the USSR under Project STITCH; as well as American citizens suspected of espionage or disloyalty, viewed as security risks, or otherwise of interest to Army intelligence. Some individuals mentioned in the files are Otto Ohlendorf, who served in several senior positions in the Schutzstaffel (SS) during World War II, including as commander of a mobile killing unit (Einsatzgruppe) in the Soviet Union (file OHLENDORF, Otto - XE000883); Hermann Hoefle, an SS officer involved in atrocities in Poland (file HOEFLE, HERMANN J. - AE544848WJ); and Ante Pavelic, leader of the Croatian terrorist organization known as Ustascha (file PAVELIC, Anton - XE001109).

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