Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library ephemera collection


Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library ephemera collection


Contains printed and visual ephemera related to drugs, drug use, sex, and counterculture collected by the Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library. Print ephemera materials (Series I) is made up of a vast array of textual materials relating to drugs, sex, and counterculture in the United States and beyond, mainly throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. Included in this are significant amounts of counter-cultural organizations ephemera and records, as well as articles, publication, television and film scripts, interviews, and more on drug- and counterculture-related topics. Further print ephemera includes pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and promotional materials relating to drug use, drug education and anti-drug causes, legalization and decriminalization of various drugs, counterculture events and museums, and more. Additional materials relate to the writing and publication of poetry, mainly in the latter half of the twentieth century. Visual ephemera (Series II) contains a broad array of materials related to drugs, sex, and counterculture movements, including political movements and causes mainly in the latter half of the twentieth century. This includes calendars and agendas, greeting and post cards, stamps and LSD blotter papers, book covers, stickers, badges, and magnets, tickets, advertisements, and much more. Materials in this series relate to drug crimes, legalization, and drug culture, and there are items of politically-based ephemera as well, relating to the Vietnam War, George W. Bush’s presidency, Mao Tse Dong’s leadership of China, the 1968 workers’ strike in France, socialism in Germany, and more.

11.6 linear feet (17 boxes and 1 volume)

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