Macbeth-Evans Glass Company Collection


Macbeth-Evans Glass Company Collection


These collected materials about Macbeth-Evans Glass Company and its predecessor George A. Macbeth & Co. are of unclear origin and provenance. They are divided into four series. Series 1: Correspondence, 1888-1971 Series 2: Mold Directory of Blueprints and Assorted Drawings and Blueprints, Circa 1911-1958 Series 3: Photographs, Postcards, and Ads, 1915-1939 Series 4: Miscellaneous Materials, 1899-1936

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Macbeth-Evans Glass Company (corporateBody)

The Macbeth-Evans Glass Company was formed in 1899 by the merger of two Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania glass companies: Thomas Evans & Co. (1869-1899) and George A. Macbeth Co. (1872-1899). Thomas Evans & Co. produced lamp chimneys, while George A. Macbeth Co. manufactured lamp chimneys, reflectors, and lantern globes. The Macbeth-Evans Glass Company was located in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, where George A. Macbeth had purchased land and opened a production facility in 1893. When the two companies me...