Universal Newsreel Volume 39, Release 24


Universal Newsreel Volume 39, Release 24


The original release sheet reads: RENDEZVOUS WITH TOMORROW The most dramatic adventure in Space history ends southeast of Okinawa as Astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott bring their Gemini Eight capsule down safely. There were three bad hours after their near disaster 185 miles above the earth. Motion pictures made from the capsule show the sighting and linkup with the Agena rocket, the movies showing dramatically how space travel will be accomplished in the future. Then the violent gyrations of Agena and Gemini as the Number 8 Thruster on Gemini short circuits and the Astronauts wrestle their capsule back under control. A happy ending to what might have been a disaster. SPORTS Basketball HOOP UPSET: The crowd at College Park, Maryland, sees a David come out of the West to slay an Eastern Goliath. Texas Western wins the National Collegiate basketball championship by downing the highly-favored Kentucky team 72 to 65. Nobody paid much attention to Texas Western when they entered the tournament, but there was tumult and shouting when the team won the first major sports title Texas Western had ever won...

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SNAC Resource ID: 11614529

National Archives at College Park

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Scott, David Randolph, 1932-

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David Randolph Scott (b. June 6, 1932, San Antonio, TX) is a NASA astronaut, retired U.S. Air Force officer,and former test pilot. He belonged to the third group of NASA astronauts, selected in October 1963. As an astronaut, Scott became the seventh person to walk on the Moon....

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Neil Alden Armstrong (b. August 5, 1930, Wapakoneta, OH - d. August 25, 2012, Cincinnati, OH) was an American aviator and a former astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor, and United States Naval Aviator. He was the first person to set foot on the Moon. ...

Gemini VIII (Spacecraft)

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Gemini VIII was launched on March 16, 1966, with Neil A. Armstrong serving as commander of the mission and David R. Scott serving as pilot. The primary objectives of the Gemini VIII mission were to rendezvous and dock with Gemini Agena target vehicle 5003 (GATV-5003) and conduct extra-vehicular activity (EVA) operations. The secondary objectives of the mission included rendezvous and docking in the fourth revolution; performing docked-vehicle maneuvers; evaluating systems; and conducting ten ex...