Artifacts Relating to the Truman Family, 1957 - 2008


Artifacts Relating to the Truman Family, 1957 - 2008

This series contains personal possessions of the Truman family. Artifacts include clothing and related accessories, such as Truman's famous canes and hats, membership cards, award certificates and plaques, honorary degrees, and other objects associated with the Trumans' family life, hobbies and social relationships. Harry Truman's World War I military uniforms and equipment are also part of this series. This series also contains artifacts that illustrate the social, economic, cultural and diplomatic developments during Harry Truman's lifetime, and that commemorate his life and service. Examples range from concrete road markers and copies of road maps that document a part of Truman's work as presiding judge of Jackson County, Missouri, to the tables on which the United Nations Charter and the 1965 Medicare Bill were signed. Other artifacts in this series are a safety plug pulled from the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, flags from the explorer Thor Heyerdahl's craft Kon Tiki, and the Cabinet chairs used by President Truman and Secretary of State Dean Acheson. This series also contains a variety of objects belonging to associates of the president in business, political, and government activities.

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