Rutgers University. Dean of Student Affairs.

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As Dean of Student Affairs, Earle W. Clifford organized and coordinated all nonacademic activities and programs at Rutgers University. The position Dean of Men was created in 1925 and evolved through several administrative structures and under different names. Clifford came to the position July 1, 1963 and retired June 30, 1972. He served Rutgers in a variety of roles including Dean and later Vice President of Student Affairs, as well as in the Rutgers College Sociology Department. Clifford oversaw and witnessed great changes during his tenure at Rutgers, which coincided with many national social struggles on such issues as coeducation, affirmative action, racial tensions, anti-war protests, and drug use.

From the description of Records of the Rutgers University Dean of Student Affairs (Earle W. Clifford, Jr.), 1952-1973, 1963-1972 (bulk). (Rutgers University). WorldCat record id: 767568282

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associatedWith Abernethy, Bradford S. person
associatedWith Alpha Zeta. corporateBody
associatedWith American Association of University Professors. corporateBody
associatedWith American Association of University Women. corporateBody
associatedWith American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey. corporateBody
associatedWith American Institute of Indian Studies. corporateBody
associatedWith American Library Association. corporateBody
associatedWith ASPIRA, Inc. (N.J.) corporateBody
associatedWith Association of American Colleges. corporateBody
associatedWith Association of College and University Housing Officers. corporateBody
associatedWith Association of Student Governments. corporateBody
associatedWith Avella, Col. Joseph. person
associatedWith Ayers, Maurice T. person
associatedWith Baker, Mildred, 1905- person
associatedWith Bloustein, Edward J. person
associatedWith Boland, John A. person
associatedWith Boocock, Cornelius. person
associatedWith Boston University. corporateBody
associatedWith Boxhill, Carlton J. person
associatedWith Burks, Ardath W. person
associatedWith Cahill, William T. 1912-1996. person
associatedWith Cameron, Ewen, 1901-1967. person
associatedWith Case, Clifford P. 1904-1982. person
associatedWith Citizens Committee for Higher Education in New Jersey. corporateBody
associatedWith Cook College. corporateBody
associatedWith Council of Student Personnel Associations in Higher Education. corporateBody
associatedWith Crosby, Howard J. person
associatedWith Davis, Barbara. person
associatedWith Davis, Frank Parker. person
associatedWith Doak, Lowell C. person
associatedWith Douglass College. corporateBody
associatedWith Dungan, Ralph A. 1923- person
associatedWith Foster, Margery. person
associatedWith Frisch, John Jr. person
associatedWith Gamble, Glenn W. person
associatedWith Griffith, Russell Evan, 1923- person
associatedWith Grobman, Arnold B. 1918- person
associatedWith Gross, Mason Welch, 1911-1977. person
associatedWith Hall, W. Layton. person
associatedWith Hart, Robert. person
associatedWith Heckel, Willard. person
associatedWith Hershey, Lewis Blaine, 1893-1977. person
associatedWith Holmes, Raymond L. person
associatedWith Hurd, Helen G. person
associatedWith Inter-Fraternity Conference. corporateBody
associatedWith International Education Committee. corporateBody
associatedWith International Labour Office. corporateBody
associatedWith Jeter, James M. person
associatedWith Johns Hopkins University. corporateBody
associatedWith Johnson, Marian A. person
associatedWith Joint Commission on Rights and Freedoms of Students. corporateBody
associatedWith Kappa Phi Kappa. corporateBody
associatedWith Kells, H. R. person
associatedWith Kirkwood, John. person
associatedWith Knox, Carl Warner, 1916- person
associatedWith Kriendler, John. person
associatedWith Lambda Chi Alpha. corporateBody
associatedWith Layton, Harry S. person
associatedWith Lehigh University. corporateBody
associatedWith Levine, Herbert A. person
associatedWith Livingston College. corporateBody
associatedWith Lynton, E. A. person
associatedWith Martin, John. person
associatedWith McGuire, Edward C., 1933- person
associatedWith McMahon, Ernest E. 1910- person
associatedWith Meder, Albert E. person
associatedWith Metzger, Karl E. person
associatedWith Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. corporateBody
associatedWith Millet, Barry M. person
associatedWith Miskoff, Ron. person
associatedWith Mooney, John. person
associatedWith Morris County (N.J.). Drug Abuse Council. corporateBody
associatedWith Mundheim, Robert H. person
associatedWith National Action Committee for Drug Education (U.S.) corporateBody
associatedWith National Association for Foreign Student Affairs. corporateBody
associatedWith National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (U.S.) corporateBody
associatedWith National Interagency Council on Smoking and Health (U.S.) corporateBody
associatedWith National Interfraternity Council (U.S.) corporateBody
associatedWith NDEA National Institute for Advanced Study in Teaching Disadvantaged Youth (U.S.) corporateBody
associatedWith Newcomen Society of the United States. corporateBody
associatedWith New Jersey Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. corporateBody
associatedWith New Jersey Board of Higher Education. corporateBody
associatedWith New Jersey. Division on Civil Rights. corporateBody
associatedWith New Jersey Education Facilities Authority. corporateBody
associatedWith New Jersey. Legislature. corporateBody
associatedWith New Jersey Public Interest Research Group. corporateBody
associatedWith New York Institute of Technology. corporateBody
associatedWith New York State Association of Deans and Guidance Personnel. corporateBody
associatedWith New York University. corporateBody
associatedWith Nolan, Joseph F. person
associatedWith Obecny, Jack. person
associatedWith Ochs, Robert F. person
associatedWith Ohio State University. corporateBody
associatedWith Parr, Preston. person
associatedWith Pawa, Irving W. person
associatedWith Peace Corps (U.S.) corporateBody
associatedWith Pennsylvania Association of Student Personnel Administrators. corporateBody
associatedWith Pennsylvania Military College. corporateBody
associatedWith Pervin, Lawrence A. person
associatedWith Phoenix, Edward. person
associatedWith Pitney, Hardin, Kipp & Szuch. corporateBody
associatedWith Presidents to Presidents Conference (U.S.) corporateBody
associatedWith Rochester Institute of Technology. corporateBody
associatedWith Ruch, Carl R. person
associatedWith Rutgers Medical College. corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers--Newark. corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers University corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers University. Black Organization of Students. corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers University--Camden. corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers University. Career Planning and Placement Office. corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers University. Governors. corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers University. Health Services. corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers University. Heckel Committee. corporateBody
associatedWith Rutgers University. Judicial Board of Actions. corporateBody
associatedWith Saiff, Edward. person
associatedWith Saint Peter's College (Jersey City, N.J.) corporateBody
associatedWith Schlatter, Richard, 1912-1987. person
associatedWith Smith, Carter. person
associatedWith Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. corporateBody
associatedWith St. John's University (New York, N.Y.) corporateBody
associatedWith Stratton, Lawrence, 1911-1988. person
associatedWith Swab, Robert. person
associatedWith Swink, John L., 1914- person
associatedWith Szuch, Clyde. person
associatedWith Talbot, Malcolm D. person
associatedWith Tapper, Jack. person
associatedWith Torrey, Henry C. person
associatedWith Trayes, Marjorie M. person
associatedWith Twitchell, Albert W. person
associatedWith United States. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps. corporateBody
associatedWith United States National Student Association. corporateBody
associatedWith United States. Selective Service System. corporateBody
associatedWith Van Waes, Robert. person
associatedWith Wadlington, Thomas T. person
associatedWith Weidner, Madison. person
associatedWith Williamson, E. G. 1900-1979. person
associatedWith Wilson, Blenda J. person
associatedWith Winkler, Henry R. 1916- person
associatedWith Wong, John. person
associatedWith Yanitelli, Victor R. person
associatedWith YMCA of the USA. corporateBody
associatedWith Young, Eugene. person
associatedWith Young, James L. person
associatedWith Zachar, Seymore. person
associatedWith Zimmerman, Ernest. person
associatedWith Zingg, Wherry E. person
associatedWith Zucker, Arnold. person
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New Jersey
United States
Academic freedom
African American college students
Campus planning
Civil rights demonstrations
College buildings
Universities and colleges
Universities and colleges
College students
College students
College students
Counseling in higher education
Deans (Education)
Educational leadership
Education, Higher
Student housing
International education
Sex educators
Student affairs administrators
Student affairs services
Student aid
Student financial aid administration
Student movements

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Active 1952

Active 1973

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