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Henry Tazewell was born 27 November 1753 in Brunswick County, Virginia, to Littleton Tazewell and Mary Gray Tazewell. He attended the College of William and Mary, then studied law under his uncle John Tazewell in Williamsburg, Virginia. He represented Brunswick County and then Williamsburg in the House of Delegates from 1776 to 1786. Tazewell was appointed to the General Court in 1785, and served as chief justice from 1789 to 1793. He then was appointed judge of the Virginia Court of Appeals that year. The Virginia General Assembly appointed Tazewell United States Senator in 1794 and he served until his death in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 24 January 1799. He was buried at Christ Church in Philadelphia. Tazewell married Dorothea Elizabeth Waller (1754-1777), daugher of Benjamin Waller (1716-1786), 13 January 1774, and they had two children, Littleton Waller Tazewell and Sophia Ann Tazewell who married Benjamin Taliaferro (d. 1801) of Williamsburg.

Littleton Waller Tazewell was born in Williamsburg, Virginia, 17 December 1774 to Henry Tazewell and Dorothea Elizabeth Waller. Educated by his grandfather Benjamin Waller and George Wythe (1726-1806), Tazewell attended the College of William and Mary, graduating in 1791. He studied law under John Wickham (1763-1839) of Richmond, Virginia, and was admitted to the bar in 1796. Tazewell represented James City County in the House of Delegates from 1798 to 1800. That year, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives and served until 1801. In 1802, Tazewell relocated to Norfolk, Virginia, to continue his law practice. He represented Norfolk in the House of Delegates from 1804 to 1806 and in 1816. President James Monroe appointed Tazewell a commissioner to settle claims under the treaty in which Spain ceded Florida to the United States. In 1824, Tazewell was appointed to the United States Senate, and he served eight years before resigning 16 July 1832. He served as a member of the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1829-1830. Tazewell was elected governor of Virginia in 1834 and served until 1836, when he resigned. Tazewell returned to Norfolk where he spent most of his time running his plantations in Northampton County, Virginia. Tazewell died 6 May 1860 in Norfolk, and was buried at King's Creek plantation in Northampton County. He was reinterred at Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk.

Littleton Waller Tazewell married Ann Stratton Nivison (1785-1859) 15 July 1802, and they had nine children: Louisa Nivison Tazewell (1804-1873), Henry Tazewell (1805-1828), John Nivison Tazewell (1807-1869), Sarah Tazewell (1809-1810), Sarah Ann "Sally" Tazewell (1812-1892), Littleton Waller Tazewell (1815-1848), Ann Elizabeth Tazewell (1817-1898), Mary Tazewell (1822-1886), Ella Tazewell (1826-1885). Ann Elizabeth Tazewell married Edmund Bradford (1816-1889), Mary Tazewell married Matthew Page Waller (1823-1861), and Littleton Waller Tazewell married Sarah Elizabeth Walters (ca. 1821-1877).

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associatedWith Nivison, Sarah Shelton, 1760-1830. person
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associatedWith Patton, John Mercer, 1797-1858. person
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associatedWith Tazewell, Ann Stratton Nivison, 1785-1859. person
associatedWith Tazewell, Dorothea Waller, 1754-1777. person
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associatedWith Tazewell, John Nivison, 1807-1869. person
associatedWith Tazewell, Littleton Waller, 1774-1860. person
associatedWith Tazewell, Littleton Waller, 1815-1848. person
associatedWith Tazewell, Louisa Nivison, 1804-1873. person
associatedWith Tazewell, Sarah, 1809-1810. person
associatedWith Tazewell, Sarah Ann 1812-1892. person
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Virginia--James City County
Norfolk (Va.)
Virginia--Northampton County
New Quarter (Northampton County, Va.)
Northampton County (Va.)
Williamsburg (Va.)
Virginia--Princess Anne County
United States
Old Plantation (Northampton County, Va.)
King's Creek (Northampton County, Va.)
Kingsmill (James City County, Va.)
Sandhills (Princess Anne County, Va.)
Legislators--United States
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