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University Communications (1997-) is a unit within Brigham Young University located in Provo, Utah. Carrie P. Jenkins directs the university's communications offices as the assistant to the president for University Communications. University Communications focuses on public media, media relations and media publications for Brigham Young University.

University Communications is responsible for the production of high-quality media resources, speaking directly to and supporting others who speak with the media as the University Spokesperson, providing advisement to the President, administration and campus executives, developing and managing the development of positive and effective relationships with members of the local, state and national media; handling conflict and crisis situations that could or do result in media attention; ensuring that the administration hears and understands what essential publics and the news media have to say about the university, as well as provide strategic planning for the administration and other university entities; coordinating media needs during major campus events; consultation on editorial matters for University Publications; handling of critical communication needs in the event of an emergency. Offices under University Communications include Campus News Manager, Web Communications, University Photography, Info and Media Relations, and Broadcast Media Production. University Communications also publishes Y News, the faculty newsletter.

University Communications was run by a director until 1997 when the position of Assistant to the President for University Communications was created. From 1997, University Communications reported to the President as well as the Advancement Vice-President. From 2000-2006, the Assistant to the President for University Communications was not on the president's council; in 2006, the position was readmitted to the President's Council. Currently University Communications reports dually to the President of Brigham Young University as well as to the Office of the Vice-President of Advancement. Director for University Communications includ Carri P. Jenkins (1997-). Lee Bartlett served as an assistant vice-president to the University President from 1997-2000, after which Carri P. Jenkins took over that title as well.

Prior units include the Brigham Young University News Bureau (1952-1978) and the Brigham Young University Public Communications Department (1978-1997).

Public Communications (1978-1997) was part of the Brigham Young Univeristy Relations Department in Provo, Utah. Public Communications was responsible for overseeing mass media on all levels, local to international. Directors for Public Communications included Paul C. Richards (1978-1991), Margaret Smoot (1991-1994), Brent Harker (1994-1997).

The main function and purpose of Public Communications was to act as the official university channel for interacting with mass media at local, state, regional, national, and international levels. This meaning they worked with broadcasting on campus, various publications including BYU Today, and Fine Arts News and Features.

The director of Public Communication reported to the president of University Relations. In 1992, with the creation of the Vice-President of Advancement, Public Communications was then under the care of Ronald G. Hyde, Vice-President of Advancement.

Prior to 1978 this unit was called the Brigham Young University News Bureau (1952-1978). The organization has been called University Communications ever since 1997 when the Brigham Young University Public Communications Department was abolished. In 1997, Lee Bartlett assumed control of Public Communications and the name was changed to University Communications.

The News Bureau (1952-1978) at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah was responsible for overseeing university news publications. The director for the News Bureau was Edwin J. Butterworth.

The main functions of the News Bureau, also known as Press Relations, were to serve the university in dispersing school news to the outside world. It also prepared news releases and dissemination of the same to press, radio, television, magazine, and wire services. Within the bureau were four main divisions: news operations, information service, publications, and advertising. The News Bureau was responsible for publishing president ‘s letter to the parents, special editions of the Daily Universe, and BYU Today, the alumni magazine.

The director of News Bureau reported to the director of the Division of Public Relations until 1964, after which they reported to the director of University Relations.

Later units include Brigham Young University Public Communications Department (1978-1997) and University Communications (1997-).

From the guide to the University Communications records, 1921-2009, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections)

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