Housing Study Guild.

Biographical notes:

The Housing Study Guild was founded in the summer of 1933 by Henry Wright, Lewis Mumford and Albert Mayer to serve as a center for study and research in the technical, economic and social problems of housing and community planning. It also served as a coordinating agency and clearing house for activities in these fields; as a library and reading room for published and unpublished material, the editing of current critical technical bulletins, abstract-translations of significant foreign technical material, and the publication of special reports on foreign housing policy, legislation, and financing methods; and as a laboratory for the training of young men in the technique of housing, research and critical formulation. The Guild, located at 101 Park Avenue, New York City, was financed through contributions of the Lavanburg Foundation, the Housing Association of New York, and individual and corporate memberships.

From the guide to the Housing Study Guild Records, 1929-1957, 1929-1941, (Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library)

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