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The Crown Zellerbach Corporation was formed in 1928 by the merger of the Zellerbach Paper Company and Crown Willamette Paper Company, both of which had been formed by the mergers of several other companies and their predecessors. In addition, various companies and their subsidiaries were purchased or formed after the 1928 merger, culminating with the acquisition of Crown Zellerbach Corporation by the James River Corporation in 1985.

From the description of Crown Zellerbach Corporation records, circa 1876-1992. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 227522756

The Lebanon, Oregon, Crown Zellerbach paper mill was built in 1889. It initially made paper from wheat straw and converted to wood pulp in 1903. The mill started as Lebanon Paper Company and went through several mergers including Crown Willamette, finally merging with Zellerbach in the 1920s. The mill manufactured shell paper for wrapping such things as shotgun shells and dynamite, corrugated material and core paper. In the early 1950s, Crown Zellerbach chemists developed a line of chemicals from the by-products of the mill. The Orzan line of chemicals was sold to other manufacturers to use in materials such as linoleum paste, insecticides and other agricultural sprays. The mill was closed August 1, 1980 and at the time was one of the oldest paper mills in the Pacific Northwest.

From the description of Crown Zellerbach Corporation photographic collection, ca. 1899-1980. (Eugene Public Library). WorldCat record id: 54757483

Corporate Chronology

Dates: see Overview of Collection Series

Key to abbreviations (p. xvi) C Crown Paper Company CR Columbia River Paper Company CC Crown Columbia Pulp and Paper Company CWP Crown Willamette Paper Company of Maine CZ Crown Zellerbach Corporation of Nevada CZI Crown Zellerbach International CZCL Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd. F Floristan GOSLP General Oriental Securities Ltd. Partnership W Willamette Pulp and Paper Company of California Z Zellerbach Paper Company ZPC Zellerbach Paper Company (a division of Crown Zellerbach)
  • 1867: Clackamas Manufacturing Company formed (CR)
  • 1868: A. Zellerbach formed (Z)
  • 1877: California Paper Company formed (W)
  • 1883: Columbia River Paper Company formed (CR)
  • 1885: A. Zellerbach name changed to A. Zellerbach & Sons (Z)
  • 1888: Willamette Pulp & Paper Company of California formed (W)
  • 1889: Crown Paper Company formed (C)
  • 1899: Western Paper & Bag Company of California formed (F)
  • 1899: Floriston Commercial Company formed (F)
  • 1901: Wahkiakum Development Company formed (C)
  • 1902: Western Transportation & Towage Company (C)
  • 1902: Great Southern Lumber Company incorporated
  • 1905: Crown Paper Company consolidateswith Columbia River Paper Company to form Crown Columbia Pulp and Paper Company (CC)
  • 1905: Floriston Pulp and Paper Company formed (F)
  • 1906: Floriston Pulp and Paper Company name changed to Floriston Paper Company (F)
  • 1906: Lebanon Paper Company formed (W)
  • 1907: A. Zellerbach & Sons name changed to Zellerbach Paper Company (Z)
  • 1907: Philip Hirschfeld & Company purchased (Z)
  • 1907: Union Pulp & Paper Company purchased (Z)
  • 1908: A. S. Hopkins acquired (Z)
  • 1908: Tulare Mining Company formed (W )
  • 1908: Western Paper & Bag Company acquired (F)
  • 1909: Santiam Power Company formed (W)
  • 1910: Crown Graphite of Mexico formed (C)
  • 1910: Pacific Paper Company purchased (Z)
  • 1910: Coast Lumber Yards incorporated (CZ)
  • 1911: H. N. Richmond Paper Company purchased (Z)
  • 1912: Sierra Flume Company formed (F)
  • 1912: Crown Columbia absorbs Floriston Paper Company (CC)
  • 1912: Willamette Supply Company formed (W)
  • 1912: Willamette Navigation Company formed (W)
  • 1912: Western Paper & Bag Company acquired (CWP)
  • 1913: J. C. Bulis Company incorporated (CZ)
  • 1914: Willamette Pulp & Paper Company merges with Crown Columbia Paper Company & Lebanon Paper Company to form Crown Willamette Paper Company (CWP)
  • 1914: Pacific Mills formed (CWP)
  • 1914: National Paper Products Company formed (Z)
  • 1914: Wahkiakum Development Company dissolved (CC)
  • 1914: Waxide Parchment Company incorporated; name changed to Waxide Paper Company ( CZ)
  • 1915: ZPC's National Paper Company acquires Carthage Tissue Mills (Z )
  • 1915: Northwestern Power & Manufacturing Company of Delaware formed (Z)
  • 1916: Lambert Paper Company acquired (Z)
  • 1916: Bogalusa Paper Company incorporated (CZ)
  • 1916: Sanitary Products Corporation formed (Z)
  • 1917: Washington Pulp & Paper Company formed (Z)
  • 1919: Pacific Coast Supply Company formed (CWP)
  • 1919: Lebanon Paper Company dissolved (CWP)
  • 1919: Western Waxed Paper Company (OR) formed (CWP)
  • 1919: Kumm & Unger acquired (Z)
  • 1919: Western Transportation & Towage dissolved (CC)
  • 1919: Willamette Navigation Company name changed to Western Transportation Company (CWP)
  • 1920: Floriston Commercial Company dissolved (CWP)
  • 1920: J. C. Bulis Company name changed to Robert Gaylord, Inc. (CZ)
  • 1921: Tulare Mining Company dissolved (CWP)
  • 1921: Graham Island Timber Company formed (Z)
  • 1921: Olympic Paper & Power Company formed (Z)
  • 1921: General Paper Company formed (Z)
  • 1923: American Investment & Realty formed (Z)
  • 1923: Western Waxed Paper Company (CA) acquired (CWP)
  • 1924: Northwestern Power & Manufacturing Company name changed to Northwestern Edison Company, then to Northwestern Power & Light Company (Z)
  • 1924: Zellerbach Paper Company name changed to Zellerbach Corporation (Z)
  • 1924: Paper Specialties Company formed (CZ (CWP))
  • 1924: St. Helens Pulp & Paper Company formed (CZ)
  • 1925: Eastman Gibbens acquired (Z)
  • 1925: Pioneer Printing & Fruit Wrapper formed (CZ (CWP))
  • 1925: Western Waxed Paper Company incorporated (CWP)
  • 1925: Zellerbach's National Paper Products acquired American Carton Company (Z )
  • 1926: San Jose Paper Company acquired (Z)
  • 1926: Crown Willamette Paper Company of Delaware formed; acquires Crown Willamette Paper Company of Maine (CWP)
  • 1926: Collison & Mills Ltd. incorporated (CZ)
  • 1927: Fibreboard Products, Inc. (joint venture) (Z) (formed by merger of National Paper Company & Parraffine Paint Company -jointly owned by ZPC with Parraffine Paint Company (later Pabco Products)) Federal Container CompanyPrecision ElectrotypeMaryland Container CompanyIndependent Paper Stock CompanyContainer TransportGlass Containers, Inc.Nevada Silica Sands
  • 1927: Canadian Crown Willamette Paper Company formed (CWP)
  • 1927: Western Waxed Paper Company (OR)(CA) acquired (CWP)
  • 1928: Crown Zellerbach Corporation formed by merger of Zellerbach Corporation and Crown Willamette Paper Company (CZ)
  • 1928: Crown Willamette Paper Company becomes a division of Crown Zellerbach (CZ (CWP))
  • 1928: Zellerbach Paper Company becomes a division of Crown Zellerbach (CZ (ZPC))
  • 1928: Vancouver Pacific Paper Company Ltd. acquired (CZ)
  • 1928: General Paper Company purchased (CWP)
  • 1928: Collins Securities formed, then dissolved (Z)
  • 1928: Valve Bag Company interest acquired (Z)
  • 1929: National Paper Products Sales Company formed (CZ)
  • 1929: West End Paper Company (Carthage) acquired (CZ)
  • 1929: Pioneer Fruit Wrapper & Printing acquired (CZ (CWP))
  • 1929: Paper Specialties acquired by Crown Willamette Paper Company (CZ (CWP))
  • 1930: Crown Willamette Paper Company of Texas formed (CZ)
  • 1931: Comfort Paper Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1932: Collison & Mills Ltd. name changed to Collison's Ltd. (CZ)
  • 1933: International Pulpwood Supply Company formed (CZ)
  • 1933: Pioneer Fruit and Paper Specialties combined (CZ (CWP))
  • 1933: Western Waxed Paper Company (OR) dissolved (CZ (Floriston, CWP))
  • 1934: Dependable Paper Company of California formed (CZ)
  • 1934: Sierra Flume name changed to Avalon Paper Company (CZ (Floriston, CWP))
  • 1934: Clatsop Railroad Company formed (CZ (CWP))
  • 1934: La Dee Logging Company acquired (CZ (CWP))
  • 1934: Pacific Mills, Ltd. forms Export Sales Company, Ltd. with Powell River Company Ltd. (CZ (CWP))
  • 1935: Glass Sales Agency (Silklin Paper Company) acquired (ZPC)
  • 1935: Lane Paper Company acquired (ZPC)
  • 1935: Midland Paper Company acquired (ZPC)
  • 1935: Robert Gaylord, Inc. forms Gaylord Paper & Bag Company (CZ)
  • 1936: Washington Pulp & Paper Company of Virginia dissolved (CZ (ZPC))
  • 1936: National Paper Products Company dissolved (CZ (ZPC))
  • 1936: Western Waxed Paper Company (CA) dissolved (CZ (CWP))
  • 1936: Western Waxed Paper Company (CA) incorporated (CZ)
  • 1936: Olympic Paper & Power Company dissolved (CZ (ZPC))
  • 1936: Northwestern Power & Light Company dissolved (CZ (ZPC))
  • 1936: Coastwise Lines formed (CZ)
  • 1936: Nelson Paper Company acquired (1936-37) (CZ)
  • 1936: Nelson Paper Company sold (1937-45) (ZPC)
  • 1936: Humboldt Paper Company acquired (ZPC)
  • 1937: Glass Sales Agency name changed to Silklin Paper Company (ZPC)
  • 1937: Avalon Paper Company dissolved (CZ (Floriston, CWP))
  • 1937: Great Southern Lumber Company absorbed by Bogalusa Paper Company (CZ)
  • 1937: Nata-Products Company (CZ)
  • 1937: Crown Willamette Paper Company dissolved (CZ (CWP))
  • 1937: Seattle Paper Company acquired (ZPC)
  • 1937: Bogalusa Paper Company merges with Robert Gaylord Inc. to form Gaylord Container Corporation (CZ)
  • 1937: Coast Lumber Yards incorporated (CZ (CWP, Pacific Mills))
  • 1938: Clatsop Railroad Company dissolved (CZ (CWP))
  • 1938: Pacific Mills, Ltd. (CWP) acquires Hudson Paper Company (CZ (CWP))
  • 1938: Crown Willamette Paper Company of Delaware absorbed by Crown Zellerbach (CZ)
  • 1939: American Investment & Realty dissolved (ZPC)
  • 1940: Waterway Terminals Company formed (CZ)
  • 1942: Coast Range Transport Company formed (CZ)
  • 1945: Coast Range Transport Company dissolved (CZ)
  • 1945: Pacific Mills, Ltd. (CWP) acquires Canadian Boxes, Ltd. (CZ)
  • 1945: Nelson Paper Company name changed to R. W. Burrows (ZPC)
  • 1945: Sanitary Paper Products Company name changed to Nata Products (CZ)
  • 1945: Collision's Ltd. name changed to Collison Paper Company (CZ)
  • 1946: Pacific Mills, Ltd. (CWP) acquires Northern Pulpwood Ltd. (formerly J. R. Morgan, Ltd.) and its subsidiary Badwater Towing Company (CZ (CWP))
  • 1947: Coastwise Lines sold (CZ)
  • 1947: International Pulpwood Supply Company dissolved (CZ)
  • 1947: Elk River Timber Company Ltd. interest acquired (CZ)
  • 1948: Buffalo, Brooklyn, Syracuse, Philadelphia, & Pittsburgh branches of Sanitary Products Company sold (ZPC)
  • 1948: Sanitary Products Corporation (CA) formed (CZ)
  • 1949: Dependable Paper Products dissolved (ZPC)
  • 1949: Dependable Paper Products incorporated (CZ)
  • 1949: Sanitary Products & Paper Co. and Sanitary Products & Paper Corporation dissolved (CZ)
  • 1949: Western Gummed & Coated Products formed (CZ)
  • 1949: Columbia Paper Distributing Corp. acquired (ZPC)
  • 1949: Comfort Paper Company acquired from Crown Zellerbach (ZPC)
  • 1950: Owikeno Lake Timber Company interest acquired (joint venture with Scott Paper Company) (CZ)
  • 1950: Elk Falls Company, Ltd. formed (CZ (CWP)) (jointly owned by Canadian Western Lumber Company & Pacific Mills, Ltd.) Baydun Holdings (acquired 1951)Coast Lumber Yards (later Canadian Western Lumber Company)Security Lumber CompanyCanadian Tugboat CompanyComox Logging & Railway CompanyCrown Lumber Company (incorporated 1905 as Staples & Co.; changed 1909)Fraser Mills, Sash, Door & Shingle CompanyNorthern PulpwoodCoast Lumber Yards
  • 1950: National Paper Products Company (OR) formed (CZ)
  • 1951: Gaylord Container Corp. acquires Dresden Paper Mills Company (CZ)
  • 1951: Gaylord Container Corp. acquires Fairfield Paper & Container Company (CZ)
  • 1951: Graham Island Timber Company name changed to International Pulpwood Supply Company (ZPC)
  • 1951: Comfort Paper Company dissolved (CZ)
  • 1951: Comfort Paper Corporation (OR) formed (CZ)
  • 1951: Silklin Paper Company of California dissolved (ZPC)
  • 1951: Silklin Paper Company (OR) incorporated (ZPC)
  • 1952: National Paper Products Sales Company dissolved (CZ)
  • 1952: Dependable Paper Company dissolved (ZPC)
  • 1952: Western Paper & Bag Company dissolved (CZ (Floriston, CWP))
  • 1952: Sanitary Products Company final dissolution (CZ)
  • 1952: Nata-Products, Inc. dissolved (CZ)
  • 1952: Paper Specialties Company dissolved (CZ (CWP))
  • 1952: Western Gummed & Coated Products Co. dissolved (CZ)
  • 1952: Western Waxed Paper Company becomes a division of Crown Zellerbach (CZ (CWP))
  • 1952: Crown Zellerbach Overseas Corporation (CZ)
  • 1952: Crown Zellerbach Foundation formed (CZ)
  • 1953: General Paper Company dissolved (CZ (CWP))
  • 1953: General Paper Company of California incorporated (ZPC)
  • 1953: Crown Willamette Paper of Texas name changed to Crown Zellerbach Corporation of Texas (CZ)
  • 1953: St. Helens Pulp & Paper Company, Lewis & Clark Boom Company, and Wah-Pac-Boom Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1953: Canadian Western Lumber Company acquired by Elk Falls Company Ltd. (CZ)
  • 1954: Pacific Coast Supply Company dissolved (CZ (CWP))
  • 1954: Pacific Mills, Ltd. name changed to Crown Zellerbach Canada, Ltd. (CZ)
  • 1955: Bartram Paper Products Ltd. acquired (CZCL)
  • 1955: Gaylord Container Corp. absorbed in merger (CZ)
  • 1955: Elk Falls Company Ltd. acquired (CZCL) Bartram Paper ProductsBartram Properties Ltd.Bartram Industries
  • 1955: Fibreboard Products sold to Pabco Products (formerly Parraffine Paint Company) (ZPC)
  • 1956: Waxide Paper Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1956: Canadian Western Lumber Company becomes sudsidiary of CZ Canada Ltd. (CZCL)
  • 1956: Western Wax Paper & Waxide Paper Co. combined to form Western-Waxide Specialty Packaging (CZ)
  • 1957: St. Francisville Paper Company (joint venture) (with Time, Inc.) formed (CZ)
  • 1957: Western-Waxide Specialty Packaging name changed to Western Waxide division (CZ)
  • 1957: Hudson Paper Company (CWP) becomes subsidiary of Bartram Paper Products Company (CZ)
  • 1958: Bridge Lumber Company Ltd. acquired (CZCL)
  • 1958: Clark Papers Ltd. acquired (CZCL)
  • 1958: Coast Lumber Yards name changed to Canadian Western Lumber (Manitoba) Ltd. (CZCL)
  • 1959: Disposal of portions of Export Sales Company, Ltd. (CZCL)
  • 1959: Columbia Paper Company Ltd. acquired (CZCL)
  • 1959: Plywood Supply Company Ltd. acquired (CZCL)
  • 1960: Dresden Paper Mills Company dissolved (CZ)
  • 1960: Fairfield Paper & Container Company dissolved (CZ)
  • 1960: Columbia Paper Company Ltd. acquired (ZPC)
  • 1960: Assets of Hudson Paper Co. (Bartram) sold to Clark Papers Ltd. (CZCL)
  • 1960: Clark Papers Ltd. sold to Bartram Paper Products Co. Ltd. (CZ)
  • 1960: Bartram Paper Products Company Ltd. merged with Columbia Paper Company Ltd. to form Crown Zellerbach Paper Company Ltd. (CZCL)
  • 1960: Bridge Lumber Company acquires International Wood Briquetting (CZCL)
  • 1960: Crown Zellerbach Panama formed (CZ)
  • 1961: Crown Zellerbach A.G. of Zurich (holding company) formed (CZ Overseas)
  • 1961: Crown -Van Gelder Papierfabriken N.V. (joint venture) (CZ Overseas)
  • 1961: Canadian Western Timber Company Ltd. name changed to Canadian Western Lumber Company Ltd. (CZCL)
  • 1961: Canadian Western Lumber Company (Manitoba) name changed to Crown Zellerbach Building Materials Ltd. (CZCL (Elk Falls))
  • 1961: Collison Paper Company formed (formerly Collison & Mills Ltd. (1926); later Collison's Ltd. (1932); then Collison Paper Company Ltd. (1945) (CZCL)
  • 1961: Collison Paper Company merged into Crown Zellerbach Paper Company Ltd. (CZCL)
  • 1962: General Paper Company name changed to Building Materials Terminal, Inc. (CZ)
  • 1962: International Pulpwood Supply (formerly Graham Island Timber Company) purchased by Crown Zellerbach Canada from Crown Zellerbach (CZCL)
  • 1962: Elk River Timber Company Ltd. (joint venture with Scott Paper Company) acquired (CZCL)
  • 1962: Beaty Laminated Ltd. acquired (CZCL)
  • 1962: FTC ordered divestiture of St. Helens (CZ)
  • 1962: Crown Zellerbach Overseas dissolved (CZ)
  • 1964: Crown Zellerbach International formed (CZ)
  • 1964: Crown-Carlton Paper Mills (joint venure) formed (CZI)
  • 1964: Laja-Crown S.A. (joint venture with Papeles Especiales) formed (CZI)
  • 1965: S. M. Simpson Ltd. acquired (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1966: Crown Simpson Corporation formed (CZ)
  • 1966: Crown Simpson Pulp Company (joint venture-partnership with Simpson Timber Company) formed (CZ)
  • 1968: Redman Manufacturing Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1968: Crown-Van Gelder Papier S.A. formed (CZI)
  • 1968: Crown-Van Gelder Plastic Film Industries N.V. (joint venture) formed (CZI)
  • 1969: Park Lumber Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1969: Glen E. Park Logging Operations acquired (CZ)
  • 1969: Disposed of interest in Crown Carlton Paper Mills (CZI)
  • 1969: Armstrong Sawmills Ltd. acquired (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1969: Sigma S.A. (joint venture) formed (CZI)
  • 1969: Nippon Zellerbach Packaging K.K. (joint venture) formed (CZI)
  • 1969: Big Pasco Public Warehouse acquired (thru Waterway Terminals) (CZ)
  • 1970: Ponderosa Pine Lumber Company acquired (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1970: Seaforth Plastics Ltd. acquired (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1970: Barhil Enterprises Ltd. acquired (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1970: Crown Zellerbach Stores Ltd. formed (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1970: 14 subsidiaries consolidated under name Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd. (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1971: Nippon Zellerbach Kakoshi K.K. (joint venture) formed (CZI)
  • 1971: Mitsui Zellerbach K.K. (joint venture) formed (CZI)
  • 1971: Bendickson Logging Ltd. acquired; named changed to Crown Zellerbach (Hardwicke Island) Ltd. (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1972: Gulfport Creosoting Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1972: Creosoting Oil Corporation (CZ)
  • 1972: Northern Pulpwood dissolved (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1972: Crown Zellerbach Building Materials Ltd. dissolved (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1972: Comox Logging & Railway Company dissolved (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1973: Rainier Manufacturing Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1974: Biles-Coleman Lumber Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1974: Tremont Lumber Company (joint venture) acquired (with S. T. Corporation) (CZ)
  • 1974: S. T. Corporation acquired (CZ)
  • 1975: Oliver J. Olson & Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1975: Olson Ocean Towing Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1976: Stationers Distributing Company (Fort Worth, Texas) acquired (CZ)
  • 1977: Seaforth Plastics name changed to Crown Zellerbach Flex-Pak Ltd. (CZI (CZCL))
  • 1978: Virginia Paper Company (Richmond, Virginia) acquired (CZ)
  • 1978: Patrician Paper Company acquired (CZ)
  • 1978: Pulp Recycling Northeast Corporation acquired (CZ)
  • 1979: Weaver Paper Company (Montgomery, Alabama) acquired (CZ)
  • 1980: Disposed of interest in Elk River Timber Company (CZ)
  • 1980: Disposed of interest in Crown-Van Gelder (CZI)
  • 1980: Fine Papers (Little Rock, Arkansas) acquired (CZ)
  • 1982: Norsk Pacific Steamship Company sold (CZI)
  • 1982: Interest in Laja-Crown S.A. sold (CZI)
  • 1982: Interest in Crown Simpson Pulp Company sold (CZ)
  • 1982: Pulp Recycling Northeast Corporation shut down (CZ)
  • 1982: Crown Zellerbach Canada sold to Fletcher Challenge Ltd. (CZI)
  • 1982: Crown Zellerbach Canada name changed to Crown Forests Industries (CZI)
  • 1983: ECZEL Corporation formed (CZ)
  • 1983: Southern Paper Company (Knoxville, Tennessee) acquired (CZ)
  • 1984: Sale of Park Lumber Company (CZ)
  • 1984: Waterway Terminals Company and Western Transportation Company consolidated (CZ)
  • 1985: Stationers Distributing Company sold (CZ (ZPC))
  • 1985: James M. Goldsmith, elected chairman (General Oriental Securities Ltd. Partnership) (CZ)
  • 1985: CZC Acquisition Corp. (DE) formed (GOSLP)
  • 1985: Gaylord Holdings Ltd. formed (GOSLP)
  • 1985: Gaylord Container Inc. becomes subsidiary of Gaylord Holdings Ltd. (GOSLP)
  • 1985: Cavenham Forest Industries formed (GOSLP)
  • 1985: LANDEQ Ltd. (GOSLP)
  • 1985: LANDEQ Corporation (GOSLP)
  • 1985: COSYN Corporation (GOSLP)
  • 1985: Crown Zellerbach Corporation becomes subsidiary of James River Corporation (GOSLP)

From the guide to the Crown Zellerbach Corporation Records, [ca. 1876-1986], (The Bancroft Library.)

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Paper industry
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Wood-pulp industry

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