Dixon, Robert M. W.

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associatedWith Breen, Gavan. person
associatedWith Robinson, George Augustus, 1791-1866. person
associatedWith Sommer, B. A. (Bruce A.) person
associatedWith Wurm, S. A. (Stephen Adolphe), 1922-2001. person
Place Name Admin Code Country
Petford (NE Qld SE55-05)
Cairns (NE Qld SE55-02)
Tully (NE Qld SE55-06)
Palm Island (NE Qld SE55-10)
Cape York Peninsula (Qld SC54, SD54, SD55)
Ingham (NE Qld SE55-10)
North West Victoria (NW Vic SI55)
Murray River (NE Qld SE55-10)
Malanda (NE Qld SE55-06)
Cape York Peninsula (Qld SC54, SD54, SD55)
South East South Australia (SE SA SI54, SJ54)
Cape York Peninsula (Qld SC54, SD54, SD55)
Palmerston (NE Qld SE55-06)
Petford (NE Qld SE55-05)
Cairns (NE Qld SE55-02)
Southwest New South Wales (SW NSW SI54, SI55)
Malanda (NE Qld SE55-06)
Cape York Peninsula (Qld SC54, SD54, SD55)
Northeast Queensland (NE Qld SE55)
Murray River (NE Qld SE55-10)
Palm Island (NE Qld SE55-10)
Cape York Peninsula (Qld SC54, SD54, SD55)
Western Victoria (W Vic)
Wargamay / Warrgamay people (Y134) (Qld SE55-10)
Yidiny / Yidindji language (Y117) (Qld SE55-06)
Wathawurrung / Wada wurrung / Wathaurong language (S29) (Vic SJ54-12)
Kaurna language (L3) (SA SI54-09)
Kolakngat language (S30) (Vic SJ54-12)
Kolakngat people (S30) (Vic SJ54-12)
Language--Vocabulary--Word lists
Yorta Yorta / Yota Yota language (D2) (NSW SI55-13)
Gunditjmara / Gurndidy / Dhaurwurd--Wurrung people (S20) (Vic SJ54-11)
Djiru / Dyiru people (Y124) (Qld SE55-06)
Yaraldi / Yaralde language (S8) (SA SI54-13)
Dharug / Daruk / Darug people (S64) (NSW SI56-05)
Dhurga people (S53) (NSW SI56-13)
Stories and motifs
Wargamay / Warrgamay language (Y134) (Qld SE55-10)
Kurnai / Gunai language group (S68) (Vic SJ55)
Language--Linguistics--Grammar and syntax
Mamu language (Y122) (Qld SE55-06)
Gunditjmara / Gurndidy / Dhaurwurd--Wurrung language (S20) (Vic SJ54-11)
Yidiny / Yidindji people (Y117) (Qld SE55-06)
Girramay people (Y127) (Qld SE55-06)
Dyirbal / Djirbal / Jirrabul language (Y123) (Qld SE55-05)
Kurnai / Gunai people (S68) (Vic SJ55)
Yaraldi / Yaralde people (S8) (SA SI54-13)
Mularidji / Gugu Muluriji people (Y97) (Qld SE55-01)
Djiru / Dyiru language (Y124) (Qld SE55-06)
Kaurna people (L3) (SA SI54-09)
Wemba Wemba / Wamba Wamba people (D1) (Vic, NSW SI54-16)
Songs, Dyirbal
Wemba Wemba / Wamba Wamba language (D1) (Vic, NSW SI54-16)
Mularidji / Gugu Muluriji language (Y97) (Qld SE55-01)
Malanbarra / Gulngay language (Y126) (Qld SE55-06)
Girramay language (Y127) (Qld SE55-06)
Warungu / Warrungu people (Y133) (Qld SE55-14)
Woiwurrung / Wurundjeri / Woiwurung language (S36) (Vic SJ55-05)
Nyawaygi language (Y129) (Qld SE55-10)
Wagaman / Wakamin language (Y108) (Qld SE55-05)
Olgol / Olkol language (Y73) (Qld SD54-15)
Yir Yoront language (Y72) (Qld SD54-15)
Ngadyan / Ngadjon language (Y121) (Qld SE55-06)
Yitha Yitha / Yida Yida people (D7) (NSW SI54-12)
Mamu people (Y122) (Qld SE55-06)
Mbabaram / Bar--Barrum people (Y115) (Qld SE55-05)
Yitha Yitha / Yida Yida language (D7) (NSW SI54-12)
Archives and archiving--Sound
Wiradjuri language (D10) (NSW SI55-07)
Dyirbal / Djirbal / Jirrabul people (Y123) (Qld SE55-05)
Dhurga language (S53) (NSW SI56-13)
Thaua / Dhawa people (S52) (NSW SJ55-04)
Olgol / Olkol people (Y73) (Qld SD54-15)
Malanbarra / Gulngay people (Y126) (Qld SE55-06)
Wathawurrung / Wada wurrung / Wathaurong people (S29) (Vic SJ54-12)
Wagaman / Wakamin people (Y108) (Qld SE55-05)
Dharug / Daruk / Darug language (S64) (NSW SI56-05)
Nyawaygi people (Y129) (Qld SE55-10)
Language--Linguistics--Language elicitation--Translated
Woiwurrung / Wurundjeri / Woiwurung people (S36) (Vic SJ55-05)
Warungu / Warrungu language (Y133) (Qld SE55-14)
Yir Yoront people (Y72) (Qld SD54-15)
Mbabaram language (Y115) (Qld SE55-05)
Wiradjuri people (D10) (NSW SI55-07)
Thaua / Dhawa language (S52) (NSW SJ55-04)
Yorta Yorta / Yota Yota people (D2) (NSW SI55-13)
Ngadyan / Ngadjon people (Y121) (Qld SE55-06)
Language--Texts and translations--Aboriginal to non--Aboriginal language


Birth 1939-01-25



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