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Sir Alexander Fleming (b. Aug. 6, 1881, Darvel, Scotland-d. March 11, 1955, London, England) was a Scottish physician and researcher who is best known for discovering the first antibiotic, Penicillin. Fleming enrolled at St Mary's Hospital Medical School in London. He served throughout World War I as a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He was a professor at St Mary's both before and after the war.

During World War I, Fleming witnessed the death of many soldiers from sepsis resulting from infected wounds. In 1928, Fleming returned to his lab after a family holiday and noticed that one culture was contaminated with a fungus, and that the colonies of staphylococci immediately surrounding the fungus had been destroyed, whereas other staphylococci colonies farther away were normal. This accident became the first penicillin. Along with Howard Florey and Ernst Boris, Fleming received the 1945 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for this research.

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associatedWith Bryner, Ulrich R., 1902- person
associatedWith Chain, Ernst Boris, 1906-1979 person
associatedWith Dibner, Bern, person
spouseOf Fleming, Amalia Voureka, active 1901-1957, wife of Sir Alexander Fleming person
associatedWith Florey, Howard, Baron Florey, 1898-1968 person
memberOf Great Britain. Army. Royal Army Medical Corps corporateBody
associatedWith Hand, Augustus Noble, 1869-1954. person
associatedWith Harold Thomas Swan person
associatedWith Payne, Hugh G. person
honoredBy Royal college of surgeons of England corporateBody
alumnusOrAlumnaOf St Mary's Hospital Medical School corporateBody
employeeOf St Mary's Hospital Medical School corporateBody
employeeOf St Mary's Hospital, Paddington corporateBody
honoredBy St Mary's Hospital, Paddington corporateBody
associatedWith Swan, H. T. (Harold T.) person
employeeOf University of Edinburgh. corporateBody
employeeOf University of London. corporateBody
alumnusOrAlumnaOf University of Westminster corporateBody
correspondedWith Waksman, Selman A. (Selman Abraham), 1888-1973. person
associatedWith Wright, Almroth, 1861-1947 person
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Darvel SCT GB
London ENG GB


Birth 1881-08-06

Death 1955-03-11




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