Mobilization for Survival (Organization)

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Active 1975
Active 1992

History notes:

Known variously as National Mobilization for Survival or Religious Task Force/Mobilization for Survival, this organization was formed by a coalition of persons seeking to alert the public to the scale of the threat to survival due to proliferation of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. Benjamin Spock, M.D., became a spokesman for the group.

From the description of Collection, 1977-[ongoing]. (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 28469546

Mobilization for Survival (MSF) is a national organization of local disarmament, anti-intervention, safe energy, religious and community organizations working for four goals: abolish nuclear weapons and power, stop military intervention, meet human needs, and reverse the arms race. Activities of the organization include arranging educational programs, large teach-ins, development of resource materials, production of a newsletter, planning massive non-violent demonstrations and organizing local MFS chapters. As a multi-issue coalition MFS highlights the connections among nuclear weapons, military spending, and social and economic justice.

From the guide to the Mobilization for Survival Records, circa 1940s-1992, (Tamiment Library / Wagner Archives)

Mobilization for Survival (MfS or MOBE), established 1977 and dissolved 1992, was a national organization comprised of affiliated grassroots peace and social justice groups working to: abolish nuclear weapons and power; stop military intervention; reverse the arms race; meet human needs. MfS's primary focus was to nurture grassroots movements by reaching out to community-based organizations, and providing resources and assistance. MfS promoted a wide range of protest and educational activities, and also published a quarterly newsletter, "The Mobilizer".

From the description of Records, [ca. 1975]-1992. 1985-1990 (bulk). (New York University). WorldCat record id: 477247909


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