Argentina project : oral history, 1971-1973.


Argentina project : oral history, 1971-1973.

This series of interviews provides a broad general view of Argentina at a critical period in that country's development. A joint effort of the Instituto Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires and the Oral History Research Office of Columbia University, the project began in 1970 with a grant from the Tinker Foundation. While the memoirs focus primarily on the 1930s, there is much background information from prior years, and a number of the memoirists deal with events in the succeeding two decades. The institute plans to continue the project, concentrating next on the 1940s and the rise to power of Juan D. Perón. Taken together, the memoirs offer a richly detailed panorama of political, sociological, and economic developments unobtainable elsewhere. A group of labor leaders highlight the transition from craft to industrial unions, the factional and partisan conflicts within the labor movement, and attitudes toward ethnic and regional concentrations. Argentine industrial and manufacturing figures describe technological changes, relationships with foreign enterprises, and attitudes toward organized labor. Political leaders discuss internal organization and practices of political groups, with examples from municipal and national campaigns. The interviews were conducted by staff members of the institute. The project is a continuing one. Participants, pagination and restrictions: Diego Abad de Santillán, 20; Jorge Aceiro, 60; Oscar Albrieu, 156; Roberto T. Alemann, 49; Camilo Almarza, 160; Carlos Aloe, 252; Guillermo Aréchaga, 21; Roberto Ares, 34; Cecilio Benitez de Castro, 13; Lucio Bonilla, 103; Carlos Browne, 50; Andrés Cabona, 116; Enrique Cánepa, 232; Andrés Caradonti, 38; Celestino Carbajal, 86; Ramón A. Cereijo, 26; Guido Clutterbuck, 61; Eduardo Colom, 138; Alfredo Concepción, 22; Luis Danussi, 87; Jorge del Rio, 41; Virginio Demarchi, 54; Joaquín Díaz de Vivar, 197; Emilio Dickmann, 174; José Domenech, 192; Héctor Duarte, 40; Carlos Emery, 33; Jesús Fernández, 31; Alfredo Fidanza, 21; Manuel Fossa, 61; Mateo Fossa, 77; Javier Gamboa, 20; Luis F. Gay and Oscar Tabasco, 107; Américo Ghioldi, 50; Ovidio Gimenez, 53; Rafael Ginocchio, 67; Roberto Giusti, 59; Alfredo Gómez Morales, 88; Ricardo Guardo, 62; Jorge F. Haagen, 26; Esteban Habiague, 147; Héctor Hidalgo Solá, 17; Carlos Ibarguren, 48; Julio Irazusta, 51; Alberto Iturbe, 57. Participants, pagination and restrictions continued: Ernesto Janín, 57; Arturo Jauretche, 221; Emilio Jofre, 40; Julio A. Lagos, 31; Roberto Marcelo Levingston, 28; Roberto Lobos, 55; Juan Maggi, 123; Ernesto Malaccorto, 64 (certain pages closed during lifetime); Raúl Margueirat, 103; José Heriberto Martínez, 71; Celina de Martinez Paiva, 15; Arturo Mathov, 58; Santiago Menendez, 152; Luciano F. Molinas, 25; Alberto Morello, 30; Adolfo Mugica, 483 (certain pages closed); Francisco Muro de Nadal, 59; Felipe Noé, 18; Juan Pablo Oliver, 87; María Rosa Oliver, 57; Manuel Ordoñez, 106; Cornelio Oswald, 22; Pedro Otero, 263; Delia Parodi, 64; León Patlis, 40; Hipólito J. Paz, 42; José Luis Peña, 74; Francisco Perez Leirós, 180 (permission required to cite or quote); Osvaldo Perez Pardo, 71; Jorge Walter Perkins, 3; Federico Pinedo, 84 (permission required to cite or quote); Pedro Pistarini, 46; José Luis Portos, 47; Luis Ramicone, 43; Juan José Real, 55; Miguel Revestido, 28; Cipriano Reyes, 80; Juan Rodríguez, 70; Luis María Rodríguez, 21; José Luis Romero, 60; Eduardo Rumbo, 244; Vicente Saadi, 70; Julián Sancerni Giménez, 7; Hilario Sanchez, 30; Silvano Santander, 81; Darío Saráchaga, 21; Fernando Sola, 50; Pablo Ove Sorensen, 23; René Stordeur, 581; Diógenes Taboada, 25; Mariano Tedesco, 78; Adolfo Vicchi, 173; Juan Fernandez Villegas, 34; Salvador Zucotti, 47.

Transcripts: 8,137 leaves.

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