Letter from N. La Salle to M. La Picardiere, 1706.


Louisiana (Colony). Letter from N. La Salle to M. La Picardiere, 1706.

Letter from N. La Salle to M. La Picardiere, 1706.

This is an extract from a letter from Nicholas de la Salle to Intendant of Port La Rochelle, Michel Begon de La Picardiere, dated 1706 Aug. 10. It concerns the sailing of the merchant ship named "Lallemand", carrying ammunition and gunpowder according to the orders of d'Iberville and Bienville. The letter also discusses the building of a flour mill by Canadien carpenters, and the travel of Antoine Le Moyne de Chateaugue, brother of d'Iberville, to Massacre (Dauphin) Island.

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