Outlines/sketches; short papers; lecture notes; 3 printed catalogs, 303 pages; handwritten notes. Weber's Estate lists 20 facsimiles [in folio or quarto (bound in 1 volume)] containing essays relating to the disciplines of galvanism and electrodynamics, mostly in the hand of Weber and partially intended for publishing [Numbers 1, 9-12, 14-16 are already in print in the 4 volumes of Weber's works (Berlin 1894), starting with p. 479]: Topics covered include: Item 1. Electrodynamic measurements, especially as regards the relationship between laws of electricity and laws of gravity (published in Collected Works, Vol. IV, p. 479); Item 2: Articles 5, 6, 6a, and 7 of essay 1, later excluded from the essay by Weber; compare Collected Works, Vol. IV p. v-vi, p. 525; Item 3: 16 sheets in folio Item 4: 11 sheets in folio; Item 5: 3 sheets in folio; Item 6: Drafts and early versions of various sections of No. 2 (11 sheets in folio as well as several in quarto or octavo); Item 7: excerpts from Maxwell's essay Philosophical Transactions, 1867, p. 51; Item 8: contents are related to the essays of Collected Works, Vol. IV, p. 302, p 247, p. 361; Item 9: on mass measurements [published in Collected Works, Vol. IV, p. 539; Item 10: remarks on the essay entitled Examination on the galvanic spectrum by Prof. E. Edlund (published in Collected Works, Vol IV, p. 578]; Item 11: Electroscopic and electrodynamic properties of free electrons in closed chains [published in Collected Works, Vol. VI, p. 616]; Item 12: on electrothermics [published in Collected Works, Vol. VI, p. 622]; Item 13: Absolute mass for electrical stream intensity, electromotor energy and resistance. Shunt conductance of the vibratory equivalence of a needle in a multiplier, when attention is paid to the self-induction; Item 14: Galvinometry [excerpt from the essay in the essays K. Society of the W. of Göttingen, Mathematical Class. Vol. X, 1862, pp. 3-96 (published in Collected Works, Vol. IV, p. 584)]; Item 16: Aphorisms (published in Collected Works, Vol. IV, p. 630); Item 17: on new galvanometer; Item 18: on the arrangement of multipliers; Item 19: absolute measurements of free electrons in a vacuum bottle; Item 20: The Moderator/Muffler.

21 items (in 2 volumes).



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Weber, Wilhelm Eduard, 1804-1891 (person)

German physicist. Professor of physics at University of Göttingen (1831-1837), Leipzig (1843-1849); resumed Göttingen (1849). Established (with Gauss) measuring system of electricity. Discovered connection between electric and magnetic power. From the description of Lectures on electricity and magnetism. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 80284625 Physicist. Professor of physics, University of Göttingen, 1831-1837; Leipzig, 1843-1849; resumed Göttingen in 1849. Established (...