Correspondence and related papers, 1826-1859.


David d'Angers, Pierre-Jean, 1788-1856. Correspondence and related papers, 1826-1859.

Correspondence and related papers, 1826-1859.

The collection comprises correspondence, manuscripts, printed materials and three portraits of the artist. Series I. 48 letters signed by David d'Angers from 1829 to 1848 (including 4 copies). Circa 20 are addressed to patrons and government officials in Paris, Strasbourg and Angers, and concern commissions for public monuments, atelier visits, reproductions of his work, and work in progress. 19 letters are to the writer and art historian François Joseph Grille. They include discussions about political ideas, the role of monuments, colleagues, the death of Houdon, and future projects. Series II. 73 letters received, 1826-1849. Circa 20 letters are from colleagues in the literary and art worlds, including P.S. Ballanche, Augustin Jal, Gustave Manek, B. Barbere de Vieuzac, Emile Deschamps, Louis Bastide, A. de Partond, Sergent-Marceau, Sainte-Beuve, J.G. Janin, Jean-Jacques Ampère, L.S. Lenormand, Jacques Hittorff and E. Senancour. There are 10 letters from the British archaeologist and numismatist James Millingen, whom David helped in many ways during his sojourn in Paris (1826-1830). Of particular interest are single letters from Goethe (1830) and Ludwig Tieck (1836), with contemporary translations into French. They concern their busts sculpted by David d'Angers. Goethe discusses in some detail his views on the sculptural representation of great men, while Tieck expresses his thanks for the powerful image which his portrait will convey to posterity. A letter from Sergent-Marceau (1836) contains colorful information about the general Marceau-Desgraviers, and is illustrated with his portrait in pen. A letter of 1834 from Senancour discusses David's sculpture of S. Cecilia exhibited at the Salon. There are a few letters not addressed to David but related to his life and work. One from Alexis Chevalier to the curator of the museum in Angers asks for information and possibly drawings of costumes needed by David for the 12 historic figures that were to accompany the projected statue of the King René (finished in 1847). Three letters from 1850 concern the permission to copy the twelve statuettes for a charity sale. A printed, unaddressed letter announces the marriage of David d'Angers to Emilie Maillocheau (1831). Series III. Manuscripts. A 3 page signed manifesto, presumably from 1848, is entitled "A l'entière indépendance de l'art." It rails against political tyranny over the arts, underlining the role played by dignified monuments in arousing the noble sentiments of the nation. Ten short reports of the committee chaired by David as representative elected to the Assemblée Constituante in 1848 present complaints and suggestions received from the constituency. Signed. Series IV. Biographical notes (1836-1839). An anonymous manuscript of 23 leaves contains a compilation of biographical notes about David d'Angers gathered from an interview with the artist on October 6, 1836 and from various printed sources. It includes annotated lists of the sculptor's oeuvre; on a blank page is pasted a printed list of 266 bronze medals by David, casted by Louis Richard. Series V. Printed materials, 1830-1859. Include: a 24 page posthumous tribute to David d'Angers presented by M.F. Halévy at the Institut Impérial de France on October 3, 1857; two newspaper clippings with articles signed by David, from "Journal de Maine et Loire" (61st year, April 1839) and "La Renomée" (August 16-17, 1836); three portraits of David: one litograph signed by Jean-François Gigoux, one clipping from 1789 showing David in his old age, and a postcard with the statue of the sculptor in the city of Angers.

108 items.5 microfiche : positive, b&w ; 16 mm. use copy.5 microfiche : positive, b&w ; 16 mm. master.



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