Oral history interview with Bryce DeWitt and Cecile DeWitt-Morette, 1995.


Oral history interview with Bryce DeWitt and Cecile DeWitt-Morette, 1995.

DeWitt discusses his early exposure to Wheeler's work through the 1939 Bohr-Wheeler paper on fission (studied by Cecile in 1944), and meeting him not long after the end of World War II. Wheeler's visit to the DeWitts at their home in California in the early 1950s. Bryce's Gravity Research Foundation prize and his move to the Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore. Their move to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Summer conferences. Work with Wheeler on quantum gravity. Assessment of Hugh Everett's "many worlds" dissertation and published paper. Wheeler's role as a critic of Bryce's work. Wheeler's recruitment of Cecile to run a series of scientific meetings at Battelle. Wheeler's role in NATO. Wheeler's contributions to the physics department at the University of Texas at Austin.

Sound recording: 2 cassette tapesTranscript: 21 pp.

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