Oral history interview with Gordon J. MacDonald, 1986 April 16.


Oral history interview with Gordon J. MacDonald, 1986 April 16.

Born in Mexico; interested in geology at a young age. Attended Harvard University, majoring in geology; formal physics education limited to half a term; early contacts with Edward M. Purcell, Julian R. Schwinger, and Nicolaas Bloembergen; James Thomson, Albert F. Burch, and George Kennedy most influential teachers; early interest in science policy. Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, exposure to computers; transition to University of California, Los Angeles, 1958; collaboration with Walter Munk on geophysics text; affiliations with NASA and Goddard Space Institute; director of Atmospheric Research Laboratory, 1960. Early JASON involvement after invitation from Murray Gell-Mann; hiatus from JASON, 1970-1977; concurrent involvement with PSAC; relations with fellow JASON members regarding ABM testimony and acid rain; JASON's transition from IDA to SRI and then to MITRE; technical advice and policy implications.

Transcript, 35 pp.

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